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"Sunrise On Another Moon" - MetalRenard - 10-14-2011

[Image: fox-in-space-2dbd02f.png]
A two-track-single inspired by a sci-fi RPG Shooter and the music of the great Bjørn Lynne.


Listen On SoundCloud
Enjoy. :)

RE: "Sunrise On Another Moon" - yamina-chan - 10-14-2011

I like both tracks =)
They feel strong and as if they were telling a story.

RE: "Sunrise On Another Moon" - Hybrida - 10-15-2011

That was amazing! OMG Epic stuff. I pictured a huge cybernetic city in my mind. 5 stars!! You can "feel" the technology in those tracks. I really enjoyed that seriously. Such excellence should be rewarded.

RE: "Sunrise On Another Moon" - Kristovski - 10-15-2011

I think those tracks are you best yet. Makes me wanna start some random mapping

RE: "Sunrise On Another Moon" - MetalRenard - 10-15-2011

Thanks everyone! I'd be eternally grateful if you shared this with friends and family... ^^
Indie artists like myself don't have financial backing that huge labels provide so it's mostly spread via word of mouth by people like you.

And if you all like this style so much I may end up doing more. ;)

RE: "Sunrise On Another Moon" - NnsNightshade - 10-15-2011

This style reminds me burstknuckle alot :D so very very very very great XD. Especially 'Beyond This Star' which was my favourite. I hope to hear more from this style. And every time I get online I see missed messages from you but it won't let me send IMs to people who are offline. I've been so sick and I'm sorry I keep missing you......

RE: "Sunrise On Another Moon" - Samven - 10-17-2011

The first one definitely has a kind of "sunrise" feel in the beginning and when the futuristic sounds begin to kick in my mind, which always works to music, starts picturing a scene: some kind of massive space station orbiting Mars or Jupiter; people looking out over a big red planet as the sun starts shining in from a distance. Something about it sounds very "prologue-y", like the opening movie to the kind of sci-fi RPG you said you were influenced by.

The second one sounds more like a stage to me; one of the earlier ones where the player is still getting the hang of things, but there are a few moments (like around the 0:35~ mark) where the tone changes and I get a, "Yes, this is still the easy missions - but slip up and you will still die".

Myyep, it's a thumbs-up from me, mate. I'll be passing this on, methinks.

RE: "Sunrise On Another Moon" - MetalRenard - 10-18-2011

Thanks! And you're right about the 2nd being a 'stage' background song,

RE: "Sunrise On Another Moon" - Samven - 10-18-2011

(10-18-2011, 09:34 AM)MetalRenard Wrote: Thanks! And you're right about the 2nd being a 'stage' background song,

No worries. For some reason I was actually reminded of a ZoE map while listening to that one; one of those ones inside the space stations and bases in the second game.

RE: "Sunrise On Another Moon" - MetalRenard - 10-18-2011

=3 I F*****G LOVE ZoE. You're actually the first person I know who's heard of it. How strange, it was one of the best games on PS2 imo.

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p.s. Hybrida, you would love it too!