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 ARGSS - Remaking RGSS/2 Player
I am working right now on this new project called "ARGSS". ARGSS aims to replace the RGSS Player and Library, namely Game.exe and RGSS102E.dll. (And also RGSS202E.dll from RMVX)
I am working in C++, with ruby embedded, and using some opensource libraries for graphics loading and audio playing, and for rendering I'm working with OpenGL. I am using right now ruby 1.8.6 embedded, but I plan to use ruby 1.9 which is faster, however I can't make it work right now and I haven't tried that hard yet.

Website, forums, svn
svn co argss

The ARGSS Icon/Logo
[Image: argssicon48.png]
Thanks and credits to grafikal009 from

Why doing something that is already done?
  • RMXP is shareware, this will be under a custom free bsd license.
  • RMXP library is slow, this may be faster and be able to run games with more fps.
  • RMXP library has a limited version of Ruby and only include some basic things, this will include full ruby support and maybe latest version.
  • Being able to modify the hidden classes in c++, what improves performance compared when rewritting hidden classes in ruby.
  • New functions and less limitations, for example changing window resolution, better audio support, more graphical methods, portability to other OS.
  • And even more.

Progress List

ARGSS Alpha Test Fix - Rev 31.rar
ARGSS Alpha Test Fix - Rev 31.7z
ARGSS Alpha Test Fix - Rev

It is included the VC++ 2008 runtimes instaler for x86 with the downloads. If you have a x64 machine, you can download the runtimes from:

Old SDL Demo 12/11/09(d/m/y)
Old SFML Demo

Please, give me your opinions, thoughts, advices, ideas, suggestiong about this project. All constructive comments are welcomed.

Special thanks
Trebor777 for his RMXP Ruby SDL project and his help on msn.
Grafikal009 for the ARGSS Icon.
And all the people who are supporting this!
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I'm following this project since some time, and I 100% support this idea. One of the big drawbacks of RGSS is that you're forced to write DLLs and calling them with Win32API in order to do anything really substantial.
Another thing: I know than Ruby has an OpenGL extension, and maybe this is why you're using it for rendering, but wouldn't it more practical to use DirectX ?
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Thanks for the support :) I'm not using any ruby OpenGL extension, all OpenGL code is made on c++. I could use DirectX, but this project targets not only Windows, but Linux and Mac, too. So, OpenGL is the best choice, at least by now. I may add a DirectX render engine later.
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That's a good thing to hear. I am myself a Linux user (mainly) and sometimes I have to resort to Wine to do any RPG-Maker related work when I can't switch back to my Windows partition.
I'll check on your site when I'll have less work to do - perhaps I could give you a hand.
Even if I don't, I wish you the best of luck with this project.
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wow I don't understand much about scripting but a RPG Maker XP with higher FPs would be great^^ sounds really nice and I hope you can finish it :)
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@Zarox: Open up your scripts and go to main, just below the line 'begin' type in
Graphics.frame_rate = 60
Theres your higher fps. :D

Also, this project sounds pretty cool, it seems more oriented towards compatibility with other systems. The customisation sounds good too, changing window resolution could be pretty handy.
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I can't see a difference but ok, thx xD
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This project is really great !
To be unable to require a dynamic library is really the main drawback of RMXP.
Some scripts :
Working on :
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Damn, ARGSS returned. Good to see that he does not stand still. Vgvgf RULES!
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Thanks all for the support :)

Here is a test video, from the demo:

Also, some people reported that "zlib1.dll" was missing wheb they tried the demo, if that's so, you can download it from:
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