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I'm thinking about starting a coin or rock collection. Which one would be the cheapest and have the most benefits in the long run? I love the way rocks look and I already have a few, a chunk of amethyst that I got from the museum and a few polished (I hate them when they are polished I like them straight from the source, dirt and all) common looking rocks. My mom has a bunch of coins from way back when I don't even think I was born yet. And if I decide coins is the way to go, I can just add on to her collection. Soooo..... Yeah. Help me decide.

Also, do any of you have any collections? If so do you have pictures to show your progress? Do you think collections can ever be finished?
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Well, you could always collect both. No?

I never collected coins or rocks, but I have had weird collections (most are gone now). I had a collection of glasses. Every time a friend got a new pair, I'd ask for the old pair. I had some of the more novelty like old woman glasses, a pair for very young children that looked really cute and had a rubber like frame, and so on.

The only collection I currently have is a comic book collection, which I don't count because I don't keep them nice. I have hundreds of comics just lying in a bin and a chest from my childhood and my father's childhood, all torn up - I'm a collector's worse nightmare with those XD. I'm proud of my VHS collection (last count was at 670 tapes, and that was just the basement), and my collection of keys.

I collect house keys, car keys, and I try to get my hands on skeleton keys and the sort. I have keys that are dated at 1780, believe it or not, and prefer the old styled keys over modern day's boring stabby-stabby looking things.

If I had to choose between rocks and coins, I'd think I'd go coins. Just because they jangle easier. Thus they'd remind me of my key collection :3
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For me it would be easy to decide, rocks are boring ^^.
I have a small box with coins from around the world, but that's actually my father's not mine, but I keep it now and add to it when I have the opportunity. I have many comics as well, although I don't buy comics anymore. I have a collection of little toy statuettes, maybe a hundred or so... and a collection of failures. XD
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I have a collection of lego stones. Most rare piece I have is this one:
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which is around 6 euro worth. Dunno how big my lego collection is, to lazy to count all the pieces. I do have them sorted though.
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So coins, hmm. I guess coins it is. I actually used to collect comics too, but I've never had anything rare. My fiance has started an action figure collection (More DC than anything) with my son and my son just wants to play with them, so that's not really working out too well (He's already broken Mr. Miracle, Cyborg, and Orion) About 5 years ago, I had a collection of pens, but I was always using them and taking them with me everywhere I went until eventually they all disappeared (come on, who hasn't lost a pen?)
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