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 Luna's RTP add-ons (Tilesets)
Hello everyone! While browsing through my mountain of image files, I stumbled upon some RTP edits, frankens and pixels that I thought I'd share with everyone.

[spoiler=Outer Town]
[Image: Houses.png]
[Image: Windows.png]
I think these would make cute windows for a restaurant or a cafe.
[Image: ShopWindows.png][Image: ShopWindows2.png]
Simple shop windows for a clothing store.
[Image: AltChurch.png]
This is an alternate church tileset I worked on back when Interim was RTP-based. Here's my example of a mapped church (which you're welcome to use as well, by the way):
[Image: AltChurch-Ex.png]
Planted flowers:
[Image: Town-flowers.png]
Bigger planters, both "clean" and "wild nature" topiary:
[Image: Town-Flora.png]
2 versions of a town tree:
[Image: Town-Trees.png]
Alternative church windows:
[Image: Church-Windows.png]

[spoiler=Inner Tiles]
[Image: Portraits.png] Desaturated:[Image: Portraits-d.png]
[Image: Hutch.png]
[Image: Clothes.png]
Starting out with some vanities. The first two are just regular vanities you'd find in a home. The last two are actor vanities that you'd find behind the scenes of a theater. I'm not sure if anyone's doing a play in their game, but it was one of my favorite moments of FF6. So, it'd be neat if someone ran with that idea in their game as well.
[Image: Vanity.png]
Next, we have a fortune teller booth. The version on the left comes with the fortune teller already there. Or you can use your own!
[Image: Fortunes.png]
I originally made the statues specifically for the fortune teller booth, but I thought people would use them "as is", so here's just the statues:
[Image: Statues.png]
Last, but not least, here's a Christmas set to give a little bit of that festive spirit to the NPC homes. Complete with two types of trees, mistletoe and presents:
[Image: X-Mas.png]
I think these would be neat in a castle:
[Image: Windows.png]
[Image: Balcony.png]
Another set of windows:
[Image: Windows2.png]
A double-occupancy bed, with or without canopy:
[Image: Beds.png]
A female version of the stone bust:
[Image: Statuette.png]

Smaller version of the Dark Space lamp. Also, a "glowing" green version (with the "glow" color in the corner so one can make other glows):
[Image: SmallLamp.png] and [Image: SmallLamp2.png]
Floating rock island. Just 'cause they're cool:
[Image: Floating-Rock.png]
A modified swamp tree and a Salvador Dali-inspired clock tree:
[Image: SwampTree.png]
First of all, here's an alternate torch - using small crystals. The torches in the water bowl could potentially be used for fountains too.
[Image: Crystals.png]
Next we have a small edit of a rock to match the tileset colors and adding windows to the RTP cliff:
[Image: Fortress.png]
Here are some flags positioned to be on a curving surface in a variety of color.
[Image: Flags.png]
Finally, here's a quick example of how to possibly use the tiles. The glow around the crystals was added with an event. The add-on doesn't have a glow.
[Image: Example.png]
[Image: Cave_crv.png]
Cave curves for the fire cave:
[Image: Cave-crv2.png]
Recolored the fire cave to earthy tones:
[Image: Cave-Rec.png]
Cave curves for recolored version:
[Image: Cave-crv3.png]
Some variety for the palm trees:
[Image: Palmtrees.png]
and a recolored trunk:
[Image: Palmtrees2.png]

Volrath (MoTW) requested an RTP barbecue, so here it is!
[Image: BBQs.png]
And here's an animated character set of meat/fish cooking on the barbecue:
[Image: BBQ.png]
Also, Silne asked for a medical curtain, so here's the quick-n-easy version of a modern one. If set up correctly, it will tile to encompass any width and height:
[Image: Med-cur.png]
For now, here's another semi-request. A member on another forum requested a cradle and I thought it would be a good idea to make one. So, here goes:
[Image: Baby.png]

Terms of Use:

Free to use in non-commercial games. Credit is much appreciated (either credit as Lunarea or Luna)
Not for use in commercial games. You may, however, contact me in private about details and compensation.
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Wow! Nice stuff you have here, are they freeware or do we need permission to use them?
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Yep, free to use for non-commercial projects. I'd appreciate credits to Sith Jester and Mack if you use the character sprites. Other than that, I'd love to see screenshots (but they're not necessary, of course). Cheery
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Than i will use the portraits thanks!
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Lol, They're nice.
The portaits is great.
Thx 4 share....
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Those are some nice pictures and windows ill actually consider using them . They also look very nice . Well done
[spoiler=My stuff]Friends are like potato's when you eat them they die :D
If somebody steals your ideas or projects it means that they were good enough for other people to want ! Cheery Join under me and you will get boosts depending on my skills :D
I'm out of Ideas Sarcasm + Confused Please help Sarcasm
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good works lunarea :)
\"You can learn a lot from people who view the world differently than you do.\"
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Here's some more furniture:
[Image: Hutch.png]

Enjoy! Cheery
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thanks :)
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Wonderfully rendered, meticulous and well crafted or banged up with age. Empty or filled with books and/or household niceties. You covered these beautifully.

What's with the 'RTP:' in there? Certainly above RTP standards of quality.
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