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 June Mapping Contest
June Mapping Contest

This competition is a mapping competition. The format is fairly simple. A theme for the map will be posted, and you must post a screenshot of your final map. Now of course, it wouldn't be fun without a twist. There will sometimes be certain guidelines or regulations you will have to meet for the posted theme.

Scores can be affected by (but are not determined based on) the following:
  • Symmetry in nature (-)
  • Variety (+)
  • Too much or too little scenery (-)
  • Originality and creativity (+)
  • How well you meet the guidelines (+ or -)
  • Screentone and screen effects (+ or -)

Sounds Simple Enough?

  • RPG Maker XP only!

  • Screenshot origin
    The screenshot you post must come from the RGSS Player, not the editor. This means fog, events, and screen tone may affect your score.

  • Tilesets
    You may use a combination of tilesets, but you cannot use any edited or original tilesets. Only the RTP is accepted.

  • Timeline
    A new theme will be posted once a week. Once a theme is posted, you have two weeks from the time stamp of that post to enter your map for the theme. After the five days, there will be a week of judging and voting. Results will be posted at the end of the week, which is every Sunday.

  • Participation
    Anyone is allowed to enter. This is a learning process for all mappers. The competition just adds an edge in order for everyone to compare their maps and also to create a realistic scenerio. Anyone may join at anytime.

  • Results
    After a round is over, I will post the results on who got 1st, 2nd, 3rd, et al. Results will be one a scale in the order each judge rates your map. The person with the least points will be crowned winner that week.

  • Help
    You cannot go to the mapping improvement thread to get help on your submitted map. Doing so will result in automatic disqualification.

  • Prizes
    The prize is experience and knowledge. This is all for good fun.

PM me your maps!
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June Guidelines
  • Create a forest type map.
  • Send 2 screenshot to me.
  • You may not change your map once you submit it.
  • Remember, only the RTP. You can combine tilesets but NO addons.
  • Remember, the screenshots are from the game player, not the editor!
  • IMPORTANT CATCH: You cannot use the canopy autotiles.
  • Due Sunday, July 3rd

Also, anyone not on the list can join as well. This is a free competition open to anyone. Dont be shy to send a map to me, this is a learning experience.
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~reserved for maps~
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~reserved for scores~
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Okay, I've got two questions now:
First: what do you mean by canopy Autotiles? Which ones are that supposed to be?
Second: why two screenshots? oô Do we have to create two diffrent maps?

(Also, are you sure the rules are still correct? XD I'm talking about the timeline part.)
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I'll make a map later this week.
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The canopy autotiles are the autotiles many use to make the tops of trees. They are the leaves.

You can make to separate maps or one big map and take two screenshots. Either or. c:
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So, Databasewise you'd be talking about 036 - 039, right? The ones with "Tree" in their name?

Hm. Okay, I hope I got that right...I'll see what i can come up with...
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correct, and I am excited to see what you come up with c:
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I'm soo in. When exactly is the deadline? Sunday?

Edit: Nvm, I'm an idiot.
[Image: style7,Kristovski.png]
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