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for RPGMaker 2K3

Here, you are able to see a demo to let you implement a simple day/night system that lets your player experience some semblance of time in your game.  The demo is not so extensive to break time down into hours for a clock system, or anything like that.  But on study, one could add such with relative ease.

RPGMaker 2003 ->  
.zip (Size: 621.08 KB / Downloads: 3)

The demo consists of two simple maps:
  • The Outdoor Map that begins the system and shows the daylight hours turn to night.
  • The Indoor Map that stays bright, even during the night.
The Ourtdoor map has a few simple events, one actively turns on the system by using the RPGMaker 2003's timer system. The timer is set to 30 seconds, as the intent is 30 seconds of day and 30 seconds of night repeating.  The only other event of note is the 'Door' map event that runs a custom 'common event' and teleports you into the Indoor map.

The Indoor map has only three events, one just performs a clock tick effect. Of the two others, one allows you to read the time on the clock (to a degree) and the other is another 'Door' map event that likewise runs a custom 'common event' that will teleport you to the Outdoor map.

Apart from that, there are four 'Common Events' in the demo, two run automatically to handle time-based screen tones, and have contingencies for when the player is indoors or outdoors, and whether it is currently day or night.  The other two are special common events used by the teleports when one is going indoors or outdoors, setting flags and screen tone effects.

Of the two Cutscenes in the demo, each has only two events.  One event controls the actions that are occurring between NPCs, music, sound, and so forth.  But the other performs a test to see if the player pressed any key to skip the action.  An example of the player-skipping event code is shown below:

It is actually, very simple to employ.

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[Image: QrnbKlx.jpg]


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