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Writing W.I.P Thread
Writing W.I.P. Thread

This thread is made for those who are seeking help in writing or have something small that they want to share. Members are encouraged to post criticisms and advice.

This thread is intended for those who:
  • Need help in a certain paragraph of writing
  • Those who have written something that does not deserve or need a thread
  • Those who have written something that is incomplete
  • Those who have written something meant for an exercise
  • Those who are looking for advice in a small piece of writing

This thread is not for full stories, giant poems, or anything complete. This is for small things such as haikus, paragraphs, ect.
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Don't mean to be a bother, but it's exercise not exorcise. It's the first writing critique XD

I do like this idea though, I may add some things to see what you all think.
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I need help with a simple topic:

What Would You Name The Most Evilest Villain In Your Game?

i need to name the villain in my game who wants to control the world by controlling people's minds with shift proton altering technology.
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When I'm looking for names, I take some of the major character traits and relate them to a few things to see what I come up with:
1. Mythology- google mind control or even just control and add mythology to it and see what comes up
2. Religion- same as above just add religion
3. Latin- find words for certain things. The latin word for control is Imperius, not a bad name!

That is where I'd start.
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