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 Lycan Companion Icons
Lycan Companion Icons
Version: 1.0


A silly little script... it lets you place icons within the traditional menu screens. Now, you will be able to determine if a companion is set to use only skills, if they are following close, or if they're a pet!


Its a little thing right here


Paste this script below The Lycan ABS and above Main to use. Add your custom icons that this script will use within the Graphics\Icons folder, and configure as needed. The comments should be easy to understand.


Designed for RPGMaker XP and The Lycan ABS. This script adds new statements to three default script methods by the use of the alias command. So it should be compatible with any menu system that has a structure similar enough to the default menus.

Terms and Conditions

Free for use, even in commercial games.
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[Image: QrnbKlx.jpg]

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