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 Palette Studio
(Link to author's website)

[Image: aZnGm8.gif]
Palette Studio is a Blender Add-On that simplifies creation of game sprites made from 3D renders. It has palette selection with the option to select individual colors, a 1/8/16-angle camera rig, rotating lighting, and the ability to toggle the render alpha channel on and off.
    This Add-On provides a streamlined method of generating sprites for games with limited palettes and multiple render angles such as DOOM. However, any palette file may be selected - providing infinite options for your indexed color creations!

((Jay Ray's Notes))
(In my opinion this could also be good for setting up characters for FPLE, HPLE, Neo-Mode7 or even RMMV3d)

It'd also be good for those First Person games made in Smile Game Builder and RPG Developer Bakin
[Image: yy7iKKb.png]

Currently working on Goblin Gulch (MV)
Currently working on JayVinci Resurrection
Currently working on Bakin ABS (BAKIN)
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