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 Blacksmith's Apprentice
A little side I've been working on for a little bit. Thought it'd be a good idea for doing something on the side.

You're a new apprentice to a great blacksmith. As such, you've shown your potential, and are ready to begin the road to be the best blacksmith, like your mentor before you.

YOU!!! - You are the main protagonist.

Your Mentor - The man who took you in.... 15 years after a conversation.

Sere - Your mentor's friend, and a valued customer.

QTE.... Kind of - Using one of MogHunter's Scripts.
A Strike System - Fail too much, and you get a strike. Fail too much on three different days, and you're out. Something like that.
Syvkal's Menu Bars and Ring Menu... If he goes by Skyvkal still... - Just for the heck of it.
MogHunter Scripts - Sprucen it up a little bit

More info later.
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Here's a proof of concept video, mainly it's in development footage.

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