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 DaVinci 2D and ISO Camera and Light Presets for Daz3d
DaVinci Camera & Light Presets for Daz Studio 4.5+

by JayRay -
If you're wondering what this is, I can explain... When rendering sprites, it is always important to have your character centered in screen, and when working with ISOMETRIC and CARTESIAN sprites on a 2d surface, the perspective settings on cameras can often give a false perspective view when you really want parallel perspective, otherwise known as ORTHOGRAPHIC PROJECTION.

Centered around spriting for 2d game engines like the RPG Maker Series, Mugen, Wintermute, and other 2d mods for games, the DaVinci Camera and Light Presets allow for a seamless camera integration in your scene. By adding your character, and this Scene Subset, you can create your character, your scene, buildings, flora, or fauna, whatever you want to sprite, and take render shots from 16 different camera angles.

What is included?
4 Cartesian camera angles (North, South, East, West)
4 Isometric camera angles (NW, NE, SW, SE)
8 First Person camera angles (Great for Mods for Duke3d, Doom, Quest, and other 2d first person RPGS and Shooters.)

Dropbox Link


Q. My character doesn't fit in the screen, or my building doesn't fit!
This camera preset is set for the Genesis series of characters, and should work well for that characterset. However, you CAN change "Focal Width (mm) in the Perimeters of each of the cameras. For Cartesian and Isometric, the Focal Width is set to 80, but you can get a bigger scope if you change the eight angles to say 60, or 40. Just make sure you do that with ALL the Cartesian and Isometric Camera Angles for uniformity.

Q. Can I use this for commercial use?
This is just a camera preset, so I have no problem with it being used for a free or commercial enterprise. However, ensure that you have a Daz3d License before you go selling resources or a game with Daz3d community marketplace resources in it. However, if everything you have is developed by yourself, you shouldn't have any issues.

Q. Can I share this resource elsewhere?
I would prefer you didn't but can't really stop you. However, please keep the READ ME.txt file in any zips as it does reference my affiliation here at Save-Point.ORG

Q. THIS IS INVALUABLE! I've been looking everywhere for this very preset! And it's free? How can I thank you?
A. Yes, it's free. However, if you REALLY like it, feel free to send me a buck or two to keep me caffinated through - Right now it really goes a long way!
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