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 Avatars, Faces, and Busts!

In just searching around, I thought I'd try to compose a list of different FREE and not-so-free 2d character face and portrait makers on the web! I'll keep looking myself, but if you know of a few others, definitely throw it out here so I can add it to the master list!

FREE Avatar Makers
Fantasy Avatar Creator - AgeOfGames.NET Sometimes long to load, to get the job done, this appears to be a pretty epic face maker, to make humans, elves, monsters, demons, whatever.... I love these avatar makers! Not a lot of choices for the guys but definitely worth checking out.
HeroMachine Now, this is awesome. If you're definitely looking for one of those comic book style images, with basic color schemes, give HeroMachine 2 or even 3 a try! Now, even though there's a paid option, I'm putting it here because you CAN use it online for free! Try FaceMaker too!
Illustration Portrait Maker - AbiStation
tiny little chibi awesomess!
Doll Divine Avatar Makers
Yes, sometimes you just gotta make a doll. Or in this case, a Game of Thrones Scene!

COMMERCIAL Avatar Makers
Epic Character Generator[b]- Free, downloadable DLC, Professional version $49.99 [/b]I have this one myself, and let me say, I've spent close to $70 dollars on it, and every bit of it is worth every penny! Plus, I have confirmation from the developer, that the characters created can be put in anything I want, commercial or otherwise! Tons of faces, hairstyles, outfits and more. Only one main pose though, that's my only drawback.
Mannequin is a nice cheap alternative to Manga Maker and other 2d character makers like CrazyTalk. The Medieval Series gives you paperdolls, sprites, faces, busts AND portraits for all your needs, with an investment of less than $60 dollars. There are six packs in total, with five of them having tons of customization options for your character.
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