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 Harrowdale [18+]
HARROWDALE - A Comedy/Horror RPG
Hey all, this isn't so much a showcase thread so much as a recruitment one. But it's like a showcase thread at the same time. K nvm.
I'm developing a game called Harrowdale about a small town that's been put under an evil spell by a Demon Prince named Orias. The game is Halloween themed.

- Open world (mostly)
- Lycan ABS
- Branching dialogues
- Changeable Halloween costumes
- COMPLETELY original pixel art and character art
- COMPLETELY original soundtrack
- Other stuff we haven't thought of yet

INITIAL STORY (Don't mind the cliches.)
It's Halloween night when a few local kids are messing around in the middle of a graveyard. Having stole an ancient tome from the town's history museum, they read a few key lines from the book, and due to certain circumstances, they succeed in summoning a Prince from Hell named Orias.  The town of Harrowdale eventually becomes sick under a spell casted by the Prince.  This leaves the town vulnerable to all sorts of undead madness. 

You are Sam Wolff. A completely uninteresting character because we haven't developed him yet. (We got some basic ideas down.)


Samuel "Sam" Wolff
Our main protagonist. He's cool.
[Image: 8BITSAM.png]
Adelaide "Addie" Blaire
Sam's love interest. She's wearing a Halloween costume. Like for most of the game, most likely.
[Image: 8BITADDIE.png]
She's a pug. Who can talk eventually.
[Image: 8BITLILY.png]
[Image: Screenshot1_zps9kqm4sra.png]
[Image: Screenshot2_zpsjurrxjag.png]
[Image: Screenshot4_zpsoqehrjcl.png]
[Image: Screenshot3_zps8yzgepgr.png]
[Image: Screenshot6.png]
[Image: SS6.png]

Right now the team is just pretty much just me and another dude. I do everything except character portrait art. We commune through Skype chat (not voice chat) and have a place to brainstorm. (A Trello page.)

I'm looking for a writer. Like i don't know if you could tell right now but I'm not that great at writing. I need someone who's good with character development and dialogue writing. Keep in mind, this game is 18+ due to subject matter, language and gore. 

You can contact me through this post, PM me or e-mail me at

Was I supposed to use spoilers btw cause I can never figure that stuff out LOL.
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