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 2D Dragonball MMO
[Image: kuTq7ok.png]


I am hosting a Dragonball Z game using RMX-OS Online systems that so far has proved very stable and enjoyable for players.

About the game:

The game is very much based around the Sagas of Dragonball Z series to begin with and later I will develop more custom Sagas for people to play with.

Classes & Content

So the game has a unique character collection system, You will start with basic Dragonball characters and have chance to explore quest and kill to gain 'Golden Capsules' these will grant special playable characters to collect with unique animations and skills.

I have implemented a handful of quests a City and a few large playable areas with enemies.

The world is growing on a daily basis, this should be the only download you will need as I now have implemented an Updater that should work after some testing.

Have fun!!

NEW 02/5/16 - Link -

[Image: XZkNxaV.png]

[Image: XQuLDpC.png]
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