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 Message Text from Files
Message Text from Files
Version: 1.0

I did this years ago, but recreated it per a request. This script acts in place of a show_text command, reading an outside file and rendering its contents in a message box.

It can read from Txt files in a specified directory, or from converted rxdata files within the Data folder. Please note, only files encrypted into .rxdata format will properly compress and encrypt within the Data folder if you choose to compress\encrypt a final encrypted game. Text files do not encrypt and must be sent with the final Game.rgssad product.

For those interested in converting their files into .rxdata format, I included two additional script calls that will convert text files to and from .rxdata format.

Meh... not this time


Here ya go


They're in the script. Plenty enough for your moderate-level script user.


This script merely creates three new script calls and does not alter or overwrite any of the default code. As such, this script should be compatible with any existing RPGMaker XP message system.

Terms and Conditions

Free for use, even in commercial games. And as this script was requested by Whisper, you have to give both of us credit for this script.
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