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 GASHISOFT GXSCC Midi to Chiptune Convertor
This is an older Freeware Tool that disappeared off the internet a long while ago. It isn't particularly easy to find unless you look for it specifically, I was lucky enough to stumble across it. Basically, it lets you convert Midi Files into a Variety of Different Chiptune-like styles, such as SCC Emulation, Famicom Emulation and 'Just Triangle Waveforms', etc. It's been 'in Beta' forever and it's unlikely the person will ever finish it as the last update to the page was in 2003.

You can find the page at a Geocities 'Backup' here:

I've attached the latest available version to this post.

P.S.: This posting was made because this old post talks about a similar program in beta a long while ago, and realized such tools are hard to find, and I had this sitting on my hard drive. This tool makes VERY similar music, so if you liked what that program did to the Midi Music, you'll like what this one does. (Though what made those midis is not the same tool as this.)

P.S.S.: You use this by dragging a Midi over the program or program window. You have buttons at the top of the program that let you screw with settings, such as instruments, and 'Authoring' which lets you export it was a WAV file.

It works best with Polyphonic midis, btw, as opposed to one instrument midis.

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I've been doing a lot of my own midi changes in FL Studio using various SNES soundfonts, but I'll still take a look at this.

This also reminds me of WINGROOVE. Wingroove made midis sound amazing. Unfortunately, it's a 16-bit era application, and so it doesn't work on modern computers. You could convert midis played it into wavs, but what I'd really want from it is its soundfont, or whatever it does to midis, so I could apply it with greater control to FL Studio.

EDIT: This definitely sounds nice~. It's a bit ancient-past for intent to use in my own project's music, but I still like it.
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