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 LMMS - free DAW (digital Audio Workstation)
Ever feel like Droppin cash on Fl studio or find using the free versions of other daws limiting?
LMMS is your solution! It acts like other daws you know, without the money bit. With piano rolls and step sequencers, and plenty of Virtual instruments- It supports Midi- soundfont2,Flp,Vst,vsti and a few other types of formats. its a linux program, with windows compatibility.

Because it is a legit DAW it perfect for those who want to make costume music or edit MIDI files and replace the instruments with different ones- remixing they call that. Or if you just wanna make chiptunes or some other nerdy crap like that- it seems to have been Made with that particular need in mind- givin its list of avialable instruments and synths.

(I made this post cause WE HAVE NO DAWS IN THE RESOURCE SECTION.) now we do- cause of me. I AM QUEEN~

If you dont feel satisfied with the supplied Instruments and synths also hit up for some free synths and beat machines and effects. Or this place for some less cpu heavy Sound fonts .
All my tracks used sounds from both these places- and you know how G my tracks are.
CLICK ALL THE LINKS. Be A-MUSE-D (god thats awful)
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