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[Coding] Pen's Programming Polisher
Is there something in your RPG Maker XP or VXACE game that is working not quite right? Maybe I can fix it!

I specialize in fixing problems with code (event code OR script code). I can write custom windows or scenes for your game's unique systems. Like I did for this guy.

I can write scriptlets to make your game flow better, like these targetting arrows.

I can't map or draw for beans, but if your game is broken I can fix it, much like I fixed the soon to be released Project.Lovingly: Better Edition! (if you are curious, I wrote a custom running movement in script to replace the previous event based solution)

But maybe your game isn't broken. Maybe your game is missing a much needed feature. As long as its nothing like "I need a completely new battle system that is side-view and animated and has summons and maybe 3d" I can probably help you. But special features are for special people, so you'll need to prove to me you've thought it through and can demonstrate the design works on paper.

And for the really special people, I can even write external tools/editors in C# .NET to make it easy to edit your fancy custom data.

I accept payment in Paypal money, Amazon gift cards, art, smiles, and song.
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Do you think a JSON encoder/decoder would be reasonable to have in RMVXA? I've seen one for it, but it was built to parse bits to Strings/Fixnums, but not other objects.
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Have you looked at VVulfman's Text to RGSS? It probably does what you want, unless you want to do something really fancy.
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The reason why I mentioned JSON is because JSON is easier to work with when writing other applications, so what I'd really be doing in addition to adding my own custom data types is decoding rv3data files to JSON as well, so that I can access that data in another custom built application that will output a JSON file that can be read/encrypted into the game. I'm basically writing a script that governs a simulated and triggerable in-game economy, which will require an external configuration tool to generate the economy files which control individual map, region, and global economic modifiers and prices. Hence JSON.
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That's exactly what I use Text to RGSS for. External set up of data (custom monster data structures in my case). I can see the appeal of wanting to be able to use existing JSON encoding libraries to minimize the amount of code you have to write, however.

What's your economy data structure look like? If it's just a list of fields (like items or monsters in RPG Maker) then Text to RGSS is all you need. If its a polymorphic or inheritance OOP pattern then you would need a JSON parser.

Yes a JSON parser would be reasonable to have in any RPG Maker, it just sounds soooo boring to write! I mean I guess I could work on porting to RGSS if you really really need it.
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Here is a solution I found using YAML instead of JSON.
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