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Alright, Since I got a job, my mental health has improved, Im even going outside and shit.
So now Ive been active in the head as well, and the creative spark is back; and my mind refocuses itself on Persona~

Fragile Dreamers was such a big ambition for a fan game I thought I may have issues finishing even a bit of it; and I was right- it took me almost 2 years to get to a comfy place to put my demo out- and then I accidentally deleted the progress during a sweep clean of my PC.
Now emboldened ,Refreshed,Healthy and Supplied; I believe its time to pick up where I left off.
But this time Im not going to over encumber myself with things. Sarcasm + Confused Why do everything?!
With a job I have cash now, why not focus on my strengths and get some help? That is after all what persona teaches in the first place; that you gain power by trusting others. That your flaws are not something you can fix without a bit of work and understanding.

With my current skills I should prolly focus on Character design and Music, That is my strength and what I loved doing for my project.
I even came up with a much more definitive story arch. Ima work on a re write of all the information this month, afterwards, Ill assess what things I need- and how much Ill need. If youre interested you know my skype is - themangafrak .I will do all my own animation and music- But Pixel work, sound design (folly work generally) voice acting, Level design and scripting. These things Ill need help for. I can get by on alot of the sound work with sound effects banks and personas sound rips that I got. Itll mostly be stuff specefic to an animation or something. Ill make sure to send the object in need of sound before hand so youll havbe no issues.
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