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 RMXP Pool
Well, since I found the Tools board, I thought I'd post RMXP Pool.

Basically RMXP Pool is a program designed for people to download resources for their RPG's. All content in Pool has some form of Terms & Conditions that have been supplied by their author/creator. This is so your resources cannot get stolen or posted without permission.

Right now, Pool has just hit Version 2, Beta 2 and is pretty stable. It includes several bugfixes and tweaks from Beta 1 and an entire new download system which I'll go into more details later.

To use Pool, just simply download to your desktop and extract from the ZIP archive, run the program, go into the settings and download the database (which won't take long). The program will automatically unzip the database for you to browse through it.

Current (known) Bugs in RMXP Pool Beta 2:
1. The Terms & Conditions Box doesn't want to work properly, so kinda defeats the purpose of having them there doesn't it Sarcasm (High Priority Fix).
2. The Queue System doesn't show progress on certain items even though they downloaded successfully because the name that gets added into the system is not the right name (Not even sure how this is possible, but it does it anyway). (Not really a program breaker, more of a nuisance)
3. Loading the Browse form then clicking the download button may crash the program. (Already fixed for Beta 3)
4. Ties in with #3, but instead you click an item, then de-select (not really proper English, but whatever) the item, causing the form to clear. Clicking the download button will Queue in the previously selected item. (Already fixed for Beta 3)

1. A fully Asynchronous Downloading Queue System (ADQS) which allows you to stack your downloads as to not overwhelm your Internet.
2. If a certain resource has an Image Preview, and if you have the Setting enabled, the program will go out and download a preview image of the resource for you to view (just click the little PictureBox).
3. It keeps track of all the items you've downloaded (places them in My Documents\Downloaded Data\<resource type>, so each resource type has a different folder.
4. Small, easy to use GUI.
Possibly more that I'm not remembering right off hand.

You may download RMXP Pool right here! Please report all bugs or suggestions you have for future versions.
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reinstall, as it asks you to.
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Do you have the .NET Framework 2 installed?
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Did you extract everything? OR just an EXE. If there's only an EXE in the ZIP, or that's all you extracted, then things are going to not run..
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Aye, you are. I don't know why you're crashing at startup.
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Try installing Framework 3.5, I don't think my program requires it, but something else I have embedded might...
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Have you tried running the program as administrator? That has had strange effects.

I had a different problem all together, I couldn't even download it. It kept giving me a 403 (Forbidden) error.

Then I stopped using getright and used the standard downloader and it worked fine.

I'm not having any problems with the program at all. Thanks for the interesting tool. ^_^
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Glad you enjoy it Bolt! I hope to have Beta 3 out sometime near the end of March.
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