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 Kitsune's Extra Statistics
Two years? HAH!
Six years has passed... time for a
to version 2.2

The system was initially designed to work with the basic stats similar to the STRENGTH and DEXTERITY statistics. These stats typically stay unchanged except when a player may don a certain armor. However, there was a call for a more active statistic, an action stat similar to HP or SP which changes quite often and under conditions such as combat.

In this, extensive additions have been made to showcase a FATIGUE stat, modeled similarly to the HP and SP stats.

Meanwhile, a major change was made to the system that generates the points the stats have per level.

Did no one notice it was using a bell curve grade system akin to that used by the experience curve system and not a flat grade system used by regular statistics? No one noticed?

Well, that's been changed and should now work MUCH more similar to the default system.
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