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 ARGSS - Remaking RGSS/2 Player
Kind of a stupid question, but will the OpenGL rendering make porting RPG Maker XP games to non-Windows platforms (ex. Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Fedora) easier?
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You ask if the OpenGL rendering would make it easier to port, but easier compared with what? Anyways, OpenGL is available in Mac, Linux and other unix systems, as well as some portable devices and consoles, so it won't be difficult to create a port of ARGSS for them.
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now is this gonna be a SDK for like visual studio or its own toolkit like rmxp and UDK?
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This is not a SDK, this is a replica of the RGSS Game player, the interpreter that runs RMVXP games. This won't include an editor, so you will still need RMXP or RMVX for editing all the game data.
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