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 MrMo DVV Add-On #4: Francesca's Companions
Mr.Mo's ABS
DVV Addon #4:

Francesca's Companions
Version 2.7

This system is an enhancement feature for Mr.Mo's ABS version 4.5, likely to be the final version of his singular ABS system (other than his SBABS and his SBABS lite). It introduces a visible and controllable party feature which shows additional companions on the field map. These members can follow the hero and their actions can be controlled or managed through keyboard input.

The Demo

The Script

Additional Add-On
Francesca's Commands

=Allows you to give one-on-one commands to an individual companion=
The Add-On

Built into the script.

Repairs to Original!
Yes, the original system may have an error or two that could not be repaired without direct editing of the script. These errors were not brought on by the Add-Ons but were bugs in the original. As such, this demo also includes repairs. These repairs will be noted below.
Player Damage Pop
Dash/Sneak Animation Fix
Restart/Continued Skill/Item Hotkeys

The bulk of this script rewrites a number of or adds brand new methods into Mr.Mo's ABS. It also creates a new class for the creation and storage of visible party members referred to as companions. Many functions within this system affect the combat system so it may be incompatible with other addons that affect Mr.Mo's system.

Terms and Conditions
This Add-On is free for use, guys. Even commercial games.
wow... realy cool! to attack??
press the s button. Very cool addons, I just try them^^
All right, ty.
Got a few things here that I fixed.

One being that it no longer prevents enemies from being cowards with Cassandra's Personality Edit. Another is that it no longer depends on Sasha's Diagonal Combat when handling range checks. Oh... there were a few fun things put in play.
Bump to version 1.6

Unplayable 'pet' party members who remained alive screwed up the 'party dead?' routine. Pets don't count. I mean... does a calico kitten count as a surviving party member?


Didn't think so, so I fixed it. Pets don't count in the party dead calculation now.
Bump to version 1.7

A bug found and repaired in MrMo's ABS resulted in needing less code in the script. If using a copy of MrMo's ABS not downloaded in this demo, please consult the bug fixes listed in the 1st post.
Bump to version 1.8

Companions unfortunately gained experience if you went into battle after leaving them behind on another map. That problem has been fixed.

Oh, and the new demo includes a killer help file that discusses MrMo's ABS, Wyatt's Battle Music and all my Add-Ons.
Hey DerV i find a little bug here!
Script '4 -Francesca's Companions' line 1119: NoMethodError occured

undefined method `companion_explode'for#<MrMo_ABS:0x7f90a48>
Can you fix it?

and why a dead actor stay can be played i check my script it says COMPANION_ERASE: true but my actor still walking around killing enemy blah blah blah.........just like a normal actor
[Image: 36ed4971225c464e.png]
Confused Um, which version???

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