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 Moghunter Menus: Scene Menu Itigo
Moghunter's Menu Systems:
Scene Menu Itigo

Version: 1.5
Original version by Moghunter
Reinvisioned version by DerVVulfman

One of the most widely known 'Image-Based' menus, the Moghunter Menus were (and still are) the definition in stylized menus, comprising both functionality as well as visual appeal. Unlike most other menu systems, the foreground, background and nearly every detail of the menus are created with images stored within the Graphics\Pictures folder.

This is a reinvisioned version of the Moghunter Menu: Scene Menu Itigo. The changes are as follows:

  • A more elaborite configuration system with clearly defined notation.
  • Filenames for the menu graphics are now stored within the configuration section and are no longer hardwired in the code.
  • Older existing default classes are re-used rather than creating newer ones, allowing more compatability with other scripts.

[Image: 9uG5pQu.png]

The Menu System Demo
* Not all characters in the party have properly loaded images. I was kinda in a rush.

Menu Itigo 'Reinvisioned'
Original Version

Plenty... all built into the script.

Credits and Thanks
Thanks to Moghunter for creating the original system.

Terms and Conditions
As far as I go, go ahead. But please follow the guidelines set by Moghunter below.
Terms of use
Terms of use (Translated)
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wow this is amazing i love it sooooo much
Thanks given by:
That looks really good, thank you working on this, but I had an error message when I tried to end game.
[Image: Picture02.jpg]

Also, I was wondering if I had a script that added a new feature like a 'Party Switch' or something would I be able to just add the script in or would I have to configure something in the menu script in order to make it work?
[Image: pheonix2sig.jpg]
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I didn't have any error when exiting with this menu. Strange.

As to inserting a party changing script into the menu, you would have to physically edit the script to accommodate the new party changing option in the menu. However, that isn't anything unexpected since nearly every 'changing' system requires you to edit your current menu system.

Menu systems presented in this manner do not have a configurable for additional menu option slots. But that is an interesting idea though... But this system is being kept in this format.
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Moghunter Menus: Scene End Sakura
There is an error at line 294, after i fix it, menu background does not move.
I need help...
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<3 moghunter scripts, too bad he's taking forever to update the abs I'm anticipating.

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I was wondering has anyone ever managed to get this script to dsiplay five characters on the menu or is it limited to just four?

I thought the line

for i in 0...$game_party.actors.size

would bring in all the characters in the party but instead of all five only four are displayed is this a limitation in the script?
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Confused Like the default menu system, this one too is set up for only four members. I did what I could to make it more adaptible with other systems and un'hardwired' the graphics so you can configure it how you like. But you would have to perform edits to this system as you would the default menu system.
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
[Image: QrnbKlx.jpg]

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I have no idea where things are located in scripts so I'm confused how to change the portraits in the Skill and Save pages. Also, how to change the default picture in the Equipment and Status from the battler to a custom image?

In the demo I can see the default portraits fine but I can't find their image names in the script unlike the other pictures that make up the menu. If I can find the image names I can replace them with my own images, but with these default portraits I can't seem to find them.
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All the graphics in the Moghunter Menus are either icons or Pictures, so the faces and portraits are in the Graphics\Portraits folder. After that, it comes down to understanding how it identifies what face it uses for the menu displays.

All hero faces (or portraits) use the name of the hero in the database followed by a suffix attachment. This suffix attachment is configured within each Moghunter menu configuration section. The Itigo Menu system has a configurable value of MN_FACE which is set to "_Fc". With that, the graphics for any hero's face would be the hero's name plus "_Fc" ... such as having a name like "Katrina_Fc" for the Katrina hero. At the same time, the Skill system uses two sets of graphics, one for the face and another for a full body portrait. The Face in the Skill system is again defined with the MN_FACE which is set to "_Fc". But the body portait is defined with the MSK_FACE which is set to "_Fc3". So while we normally see Katrina's face, we also see a graphic called "Katrina_Fc3" which is a full body shot of her in heavy platemail armor while brandishing a 4ft claymore.
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
[Image: QrnbKlx.jpg]

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