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A character generator made in c#.
missing a lot of must-have features. layout is ugly. no resources etc. still WIP. RMVXP exclusive.
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Starting off okay. Just be sure that you clear 'all' memory resources when switching from one resource to another. A while back I tried in vBasic but somehow I couldn't clear them all and it kept draining more and more.

Guess you should see about eliminating the whole file address in the selection window. A real pain I know.

By any chance are you gonna add hue/saturation and/or RGB adjustment controls?

BTW: A generator is a generator. You have it testing with windowskins. As such, you could have it become a battler/charset/windowskin generator for both XP and VX. Cheery EJGenerator
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I just added the VX windowskin. There are still some bugs, lots of code I need to clean up etc. So it might take a while before I will add hue/saturation and/or RGB adjustment controls. I also want to make a update thingy, so that you wont need to download the program again just to get the new resources.

Todo list:
- Information about resources (credits, license, that stuff)
- Recolor thingies
- Move thingies
- Auto-update resources thingy
- Resources (feel free to contact me if you have resources for me)
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