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 RM Data Checker
RM Data Checker
By Yeyinde
Duplicated from: Spontaneous Generation page

This program scans through your RMXP or RMVX project for unused or missing graphics and audio, and tells you what database elements are used. Future versions will of program will provide a more in-depth analysis of your game data, and even make an attempt to fix certain things, like corrupt data files.

I'm sure that this program will be of great assistance to those developing your games, and I hope you will use it to check all of your games.

[Image: project_scanner.png]

Download Link:

Source Code Link:

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This program needs to be installed Ruby on computer. It was necessary to specify this.

P.S. Moreover, It does not want to work on my computer. What are it demands?
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I posted a notice in Spontaneous Generation about difficulties with XP projects. It works fine with VX projects. Mayhaps a missing file for XP testing?
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For XP there is a script made by Blizzard - the Ressource Tester.
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I tested in on both versions of RM. And in any case, I occure that error.

[Image: b70b7abf6897.png]

My computer have newest Visual C++ Runtime Library. Maybe this programm have a incompatibility problems with this libraries?
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It works on XP for me but not for VX.
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