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 The PlayStation 3's Web Browser
Ah yes. the Web Browser from the PlayStation 3 game console. I'm actually surprised that I can access most things on Save-Point, excluding the Shoutbox. But it looks like it aged poorly. Literally. One of the good things about it is the fact that I can use a USB Mouse/Keyboard of any kind instead of a Sixaxis/Dualshock 3 controller. Apparently a lot of the websites nowadays see it as an outdated web browser. Well it technically is since it was released back in 2006, I think. Some websites work with it however, but not all anymore. I'm not even sure if I can play a flash game on it anymore. Obviously, I get a Lite version of Facebook, and I can't even log into Twitter. Then again I got a Lite Version of Facebook regardless in the past, so I'm okay with that. Youtube just redirects me to a page with a button link to download the PS3 YouTube app, and lastly, I think Wikipedia is starting to unsupport outdated versions of web browsers So I don't think Sony's going to update this old thing anymore.
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