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 The Weekly Gazette 03-24-2024
[Image: Gazette.png]

(February 18 to February 24, 2024)

Welcome dear readers to the latest issue of the Weekly Gazette! Here in the Gazette, we give you the news in brief of what occurred in the past week as well as provide any news happening in Save-Point itself

Official Area
Announcements and Updates
Late last Sunday, there was some Site Downtime while the Server was Updated. As Kirito stated, some features needed to be returned. But it was the very next day that DerVVulfman announced the features restored.

General Chat
For those who remember RPG gaming for years, it was sad to find that Jim Ward,Dungeons & Dragons designer,died at age 72. He began his career in the mid 70s with Dungeons and Dragons. And for his efforts, he was inducted into the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design Hall of Fame in 1989.

The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas within that Gaza Strip still appears in the News of the World as Netanyahu vows to continue into Rafah after eliminating senior Hamas officials, even without U.S. support. But where is that support when some U.S. Democrats wish to fund the UNRWA helping Hamas, President Biden hires a Hamas-linked Contractor for a Gaza Pier project, and even Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Fetterman calls out Biden ofer lying to America while wanting to sit in with Republicans over the war. Russia finally declared that the invaion into Ukraine was an act of war. During this, Russia continues to launch attacks, even through Poland (and thus NATO) air space while Ukraine sinks two more Russian Vessels in the Black Sea. Meanwhile, China's stance seems to side with Russia as they attempt to push Ukraine into removing sanctions against their Russian business partners. And of China and Russia, both are pursuing relations with the Houthis for Red Sea access while China seeks a relationship with the leader of Hamas itself. Back in the U.S., the Impeachment hearing heats up as Biden Business Associate Devon Archer Refuses to Attend while former associate Tony Bobulinski testified that Hunter Biden committed perjury during the transcript interview. With that and the revelations of the CIA blocking Federal investigations connected to the Biden family, President Biden had just been invited to personally deliver testimony over the family business. And things look grim in Haiti as civil war breaks out between Barbecue's militia and the remmants of the police. While the State department attempts to get Americans out of the turmoil, U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) says it is ready to send troops if Haiti requested. Now a private citizen, Former President Obama's secret meeting to UK's Downing Street, the heaquarters of the Prime Minister (despite it a violation of US law), an Appeals court putting Texas Immigration law on hold after the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling, the Tyson Food boycot over firing workers to fill with migrants, the Isis-K terrorist attack at a Moskow theater, Princess Kate Middleton's Cancer diagnosis and treatment, and oh, so much more hit this week's news.
Reduced from 27.7K words to 358

Tech Talk
Silicon Valley's historic loss of jobs hit this week's News of the Cyber World, a loss of 50,000 in 2024 alone. And not since the dot-com collapse of 2001 had such an impact. And it does not look good for Apple as the DOJ's anti-trust case raises five key points over their anti-competition practices. This are getting worse for U.S.'s President Biden as it was revealed that his Security Council has been working with a U.K. non-profit foundation to censor political opponents and free speech. And of his political opponents, it appears that former President Trump may gain up towards $3.5 Billion over a Truth Social merger. Drones delivering Wendy's hamburgers, Tennessee's new law protecting musicians and artists against AI, the Italian Prime Minister's AI- generated deepfake porn, and more hit this week's news.

Games Development
Development Discussion
If you wondered just What's up among fellow RMers, Remi-chan now has a new voice actress under her belt for Fantasia, the voice of the evil Xaela. Enjoy the audition which depicts the Eldrich Mortician at her most sadistic.

Material Development
Scripts Database
This week, Melana discovered there was an error with Copy Events XP whereby it would not copy an event if Map Id and event ID were large in value. DerVVulfman discovered the bug within the code, it being only the event ID in question and fixed the issue. A second issue remained, but it was more about syntax compatability with MKXP or kyonides' HiddenChest engine, but that was later fixed.

The same week, kyonides released KEventual for RPGMaker XP which boasts it can both duplicate and erase events with his own collection of script calls.

If curious how many steps it takes before one faces a random encounter, kyonides put forth the KSteps2Doom. For the Ruby-Script editions of RPGMaker, it features a simple hud to inform the players before such an encounter will occur.

If you wished something to occur when your hero or heroine finally reached a high enough level, then you may wish to consider Level Up Common by kyonides. It allows game developers using RPGMaker XP, VX or VXAce to tie one or more common events to any hero. So by any specified actor leveling up, a common event may be triggered.

For users with RPGMaker VXAce, the Select Key Item ACE system renders whether the player has a requisite key item for their mission or not.

An error appeared within the RPGMaker VXAce edition of Falkoner, but it didn't take long before kyonides swooped down to rip it to shreds.

Resources Database
This week, kyonides discovered that an artist in the RPGMaker community had passed away. However, he found that the artist's work may still be found with thanks to the Internet Archive. Seeing that, he uploaded a link to whitecat's Icons which are available in both RPGMaker XP and VX formats of many different types of items, be they food, arms and armor, keys, and so much more,.

Creativity Section
Music and Audio
Looking for something humorous for your game? If so, you may wish to thank Eric Matyas for all the Original Music and Sound Effects that he has been working up. For something strange by the sea-side, he composed "THE PLASTERED PELICANS POLKA" for those occasions where you find drunk water fowl. And if the era of the 80s with smart-alec characters abound, then you may find "PIXELTOWN R&B" to fit the hyper-active and light-hearted mood.

Art and Design
To peek into Remi-chan's Neato Arty thread thing, one may see a vision white through a brilliance red. Who is she? What is she. The only thing we know is that Remi-chan created her with her 146th speed draw video.

Literature Section
For those who leaf throught the pages of Remi-chan's Writing Snippets, you may discover what event had possibly created one of the most evil creatures within Remi-chan's universe.

It was a month ago when a song broke out within Remi-chan's Cinematic Theatre. But now with a new microphone, Remi-chan decided to re-record "Be There For Me", a ballad of love between two long lasting characters in her game universe.

Well, that's it for this week.

"I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work" - Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


If you are the creator of a thread in Save-Point, you have the option of sending/writing your own entry into the Gazette. The Gazette accepts write-in announcements (which will be doublechecked). Likewise, the Gazette would welcome other content such as a comic-strip series, ongoing story arc, or the like.

Just PM DerVVulfman with the submissions. Submissions must be in by 10pm EST.
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
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