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 Morons repeat: like SPAMMER
Yes, dear friends, that is indeed an IP address in the title.

Registered two separate accounts in 2019 and 2020 using distinctly different IP addresses, this individual who went by the names AldenNeaf and RidgeMuS had changed to their regularly used server which has been associated with Hacking, Web Application Attacks, Spam, Brute Force attacks on system logins, and more.

Since this month began, the IP address of had been reported by over twenty websites in Japan, France, the U.S., Singapore, South Africa, the U.K., Switzerland, and Spain for said violations.

So one may ask if these two accounts, AldenNeaf and RidgeMuS are the same? The answer is yes.  The individual may have registered their two accounts using innocent library computers, used free WiFi at restaurants, or the like. But when the owner of these accounts chose to become active,  both accounts began using the same specifically routed address in Amsterdam.  So there is no mistake.

Save-Point will ensure that spam activity will not be tolerated. The use of TOR proxies and disposable eMail services to avoid detection be banned. And the use of multiple accounts to bypass and circumvent security is completely prohibited by all non-staff members.

For some time, some of the 2021 September Spammers have repeatedly tried to return. And in recent months, they have attempted to create new accounts only to be detected. In some cases, they created new accounts using innocent sources and then switched back to a known spam source such as ColoCrossing. However, diligence in ensuring forum security have ensured these individuals will not be able to pose any threat.

Yes, there have been individuals able to register to bypass our initial anti-spam counter-measures. However, our secondary anti-spam protocols do go into effect as seen recently for those looking at the New Members list.

But why make such attacks you may also ask. The answer is simple. Profit. During the 2021 September havoc, posts were made that contained a variety of links, be they of database listings for telemarketers and scam-bots to abuse, illicit gambling sites, or apparently innocent cites that would infect visitors with ransomware. While the latter may be for immediate cash to the ransomer, the former helps to propagate criminal activity on a global basis. And what better means to deliver said content other than a webpage innocent?

Protection of Save-Point and its members is our chief concern.
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It's better to stay alert. Nobody here wants the forum to wind up being turned into a crypto currency mining PC station. Happy with a sweat It has already happened to US government institutions thanks to Thief iran as I have reported earlier this month. Confused
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