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 Necromancers Online
Hello aspiring Necromancers of all horizons!

I'm taking a lil vacation from RM this year, so instead I decided to develop something using mainly PHP.

So I present to you...

[Image: logo.png]
It's a tiny ladder game, experimental even!
In this game you play as a Necromancer, and you bring back to life dead creatures to fight them, recruit them and eventually sacrifice them to obscure deities for money and level ups. Skull
You can also fight other Necromancers in PvP. (there may be things to win in the future)
You can use your mana to summon more powerful creatures from the dead, and use your gold to buy better stuff along the way.
There are 24 creatures for starters, but more are to come.
Please feel free to try it out (cause it's free, has no ads and doesn't track you) and to comment about your experience with the game.
Electronically yours,
AnonMcAnon (At0msk)
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