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Evented Information Windows for RPG Ace
Rogues Gallery

This started out as an experiment with creating Information Windows with script calls. In order to make them more interesting I added a background picture using Show Picture and changed the window colour using Change Window Colour. The script call set the font and opacity and added text and a picture. The text message system was used to call an icon (\\i[n]) and a variable (\\v[n]). A transparent text box was called to hold the Information Window until Enter was pressed. Lastly, a script call was used to dispose of the window and the picture. Obviously, the Show Picture then needed to be erased and the Window Colour changed back to normal. As you can see this was all done by eventing.

Three Information Windows were made:

The first uses is a single window with a Green background picture and it is shown at the start to provide instructions.

The second uses a Blue-Black picture and was made in 28 versions (4 characters from each of the 7 RPG Makers from 95 to MV. I didn't add MZ as I haven't that Maker). The result is a Top Trump style card system (except different parameters are used in each Maker. These would need to be converted to the same parameters if a Top Trump style game were to be made). I left them as in the original Makers to show similarities and differences. Also, a skill was added to each that was thought to be the most appropriate for each character. These form the Rogues Gallery.

The third uses a single window with a Red background picture that shows Battle Results. (Battles Fought, Won, Escaped, Lost, Potions gained and Gold acquired). This needs a little work in order to line up the scores when at 0 and when a score is achieved. But it basically works well using multiple variables.

All three Information Windows are in Common Events and called when required.

That really is the basis of the evented Information Windows which could be used as templates in a game.

To make it more interesting, I added a system whereby a Statute allows you to view the cards via a Menu divided into the various RPG Maker names. You have to read all 7 Menu Items (28 cards) before you can progress. If you try to cheat, you will be told how many you still have to read! When you have completed this task you will be transported to the Battlefield.

This isn't really a Battlefield it is a test bed to try out the Rogues and their skills. You will find 7 Bronze Idols waiting. One for each of the Makers. At the start the Battle Result screen appears with scores showing a series of 0's. From the Menu that comes up you can select which of the Rogues from that Maker to fight along with the additional option of fighting all four. Win, Escape or Lose you Recover All as this is a test bed rather than a real battlefield.

As a tip, fight the easier Rogues from each category first in order to build up EXP and to gain Potions that will be needed later (If you read the cards correctly you will know which Rogues are the easiest). Then move onto the harder Rogues. But, don't worry as you Recover All at the end of each battle whatever the outcome.

The Battle scenario is fairly rudimentary and based mainly on Yanfly's scripts. It is really just to place the Rogues in action. The main purpose is to provide a template for evented Information Windows that others might find useful and may want to adapt. 

Obviously, to use the graphics you must own the respective RPG Maker.

Scripts Used:

Core Scripts:
Star Passability Bug Fix - NeonBlack
Event Jitter Fix - Neon Black
YEA Core Engine - Yanfly
YEA Battle Engine - Yanfly

Battle Scripts:
Yami Visual Battlers Mod - Yami
Visible Injury - Modern Algebra
Yanfly Autobattle - Yanfly
Yanfly Elemental Pop Ups - Yanfly
Akea Enemy Gauge - Akea
Turns - Prico
Combat_Log - Yanfly
Battle Command List - Yanfly
Critical Flash - V.M. of D.T.
Yanfly After Victory - Yanfly
Map As Battleback - Karin's Soullkeeper

Choice Scripts:
Face in Choices - Nana
Large Choices - Hime

Graphics Used:
Archers - Low
RPG Makers - Various

Mediafire Download:
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