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 The Weekly Gazette 10-24-2021
[Image: Gazette.png]

(October 18 to October 24, 2021)

Welcome dear readers to the latest issue of the Weekly Gazette! Here in the Gazette, we give you the news in brief of what occurred in the past week as well as provide any news happening in Save-Point itself

Official Area
Announcements and Updates
Now that time has passed and the problems of unwanted hackers entering, DerVVulfman worked dilligently upon the layout of the board and announced that the Forum is Cleaned. Though no shoutbox, stats or other plugins, he recreated the original board style in a clean fashion. He gives reasons why the plugins are not available, that being the expected move to a more secure forum package. And he made mention that he fixed all known youtube links and soundcloud links. Later he returned to relay that the custom userbars that members requested were reintroduced.

Lets give a cheer for everyone this week that had a Birthday to celebrate. While not immedate, we started off by celebrating the birthdays for cellas and DaniM595. Cake being shared was fine, but it's fun when you can open presents and that is exactly what melickgarrett had done. Afterwards, we had a birthday celebration as Ronivan enjoyed his special day. It didn't take long before RuneMan13's birthday passed. And the last slab of cake this week was enjoyed by SilverSatyr.

General Chat
If you are a fan of the VanDamme movie "Bloodsport" and the real-life person he played, you can always ask DerVVulfman What Are Youtubing as a man read a letter that confirmed the legendary martial artist's record amidst tears of laughter.

In the News of the World, The United Arab Emirates announced that they planned to launch a probe in 2028 to land on an asteroid in the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. A five year journey, its mission is to transmit information on the target asteroid's composition.

Forum Games & Nonsense
Ever have problems with saying the wrong thing at the most inopportune time? If so, maybe you would love to read Pun Dexterity +4, another D&D short tale about how a game master's own words can take on a whole new meaning.

Games Development
Development Discussion
For those wishing to keep up and know What's up with fellow RMers, Remi-chan posted videos of two different battles from her game. Visual spectacles with one of her three heroines as she faces her most lethal adversary, she follows it up by providing a shot of all the medals that can be earned in her game.

Code Support
Last week, DerVVulfman provided some work on zlsl's request to allow Atoa's Custom Battle System and the TP Systemby Moghunter to work together. After trying it out, zlsl thanked him for his work.

This week, zlsl now requested a script for a Personal graph by actor effect, the request initially in Korean which DerVVulfman had to translate. Initially, DerVVulfman made a simple scriptette with instructions to let zlsl customize the SP name used in the battle screens to individual names per actor, this because the supplied image had MP and CP for different actors. But it turned out that zlsl wanted the SP bars to be of different color. It didn't take long for DerVVulfman to make another scriptette, based on the previous work. It thrilled zlsl that it was done so fast and so simply, and thanked him again.

Material Development
Resources Database
For anyone interested in tilework, Eric Matyas's Massive Library of Free Images now includes concrete and brick tiles and seamless textures, and bark for those who wish to have a more natural flare to their models or image backgrounds.

Creativity Section
Music and Audio
Are you ready for Halloween? Eric Matyas invites you to partake in the Original Music and Sound FX he Shares, having links to his eerie music and sound effects. At the same time, three new pieces of music, horror, comedy and street cruising, have been added.

Art and Design
For those who venture into Remi-chan's Neato Arty thIngie, you will find an enigma that exists and yet does not. Angered, he delivers a dire threat.

Literature Section
Terrible things are afoot for a group of reluctant adventurers as they have all found themselves fugitives and criminals within Looking for a Save Point: The Upcoming War by kyonides. Spinning away from its original Save-Point story, we find that they somehow ended up within the same world where another aspect of one of the adventurers had a dire prediction. And our current adventurers have now found themselves fugitives of justice, or criminals behind iron bars.

Well, that's it for this week.

"April 1. This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four." - Mark Twain (1835-1910)


Full activation of an account requires a proper, non-spam introductory post within our 'Occasions' board. Spam posts to gain entry are deleted and revoked. Please refer to the 'Rules' regarding Member Account Responsibilities.


If you are the creator of a thread in Save-Point, you have the option of sending/writing your own entry into the Gazette. The Gazette accepts write-in announcements (which will be doublechecked). Likewise, the Gazette would welcome other content such as a comic-strip series, ongoing story arc, or the like.

Just PM DerVVulfman with the submissions. Submissions must be in by 10pm EST.
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
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