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 The Weekly Gazette 08-29-2021
[Image: Gazette.png]

(August 23 to August 29, 2021)

Welcome dear readers to the latest issue of the Weekly Gazette!  Here in the Gazette, we give you the news in brief of what occurred in the past week as well as provide any news happening in Save-Point itself

Official Area
Insomniactypewriter made an introduction post to be fully registered. After that, kyonides strove to get him to talk a little bit more.

This week, we had plenty of reasons to celebrate, mainly due to the number of birthdays that came every day.  First this week, we had a birthday for TSatori which alerted bakeries to begin stocking up on their supplies.  For those fortunate enough to plan ahead, cakes a plenty were made for Shaffer95 one day, and Zohran and Alenthas the next.  Cake production was going full steam for the birthdays of kasikarbon and TheoAllen and later for both kinguanghua and Shojiki.  And before the need to replace their ovens, the birthdays of Zeriab and Juan J. Sánchez came and went without a cake crumb to spare.

  General Chat
If you asked DerVVulfman the query of What are YouTubing, he would say the first rule was to not talk about it. But the second video he watched on youtube, an upcoming movie trailer, surprised him at the end.

Mike_Everley brought out Profantasy Campaign Cartographer to make an overhead shot of a tavern skirmish. He asked for opinions, and while DerVVulfman was surprised the software still existed, the resident werewolf suggested muting the backgrounds so the characters and objects were more noticable. After some talk, Mike_Everley presented the Welsh flag DerVVulfman's mention of a gamer's magazine reminded him of its herald.

  Tech Talk
Telephone calls are the recent News of the Cyber World this week, first being news that a breach in T-Mobile's database now climbs to the total of over 50 million would-be victims as their data was stolen by hackers. And the second is an FBI alert that hackers are now actively calling victims of malware breaches, demanding ransom payments within a matter of a few days, lest all their stolen data be revealed on the Dark-Web. Attacks against the Microsoft Exchange, discovered WhatsApp exploits, and vulnerabilities in MicrosoftAzure also have reports that one may wish to read before venturing any further into the Cyber World.

  Forum Games & Nonsense
This week, we were granted the privilege of reading THE TALE OF BALTHAS by luffy316. Another comic D&D pen-and-paper tale found by DerVVulfman, it relayed the unorthodox actions of a character who did things quite impulsively and often had humorous results.

Games Development
  Development Discussion
For those curous What's up with your fellow RMers, Steel Beast 6Beets replied to Kain Nobel more about the current worldwide medical situation than gaming. But Remi-Chan returned the thread back to its initial premise by presenting a video short she remastered for her game, the final few seconds likely to entertain.

  Upcoming Projects
How often have you heard of a Traditional D and D Style Game being made?  This week, Mike_Everley told us that he is doing exactly that, though he doesn't have a working title right now.  A background story with a fair number of characters, one caught DerVVulfman's attention whilst he also inquired about the game's combat mechanics.  Mike_Everley appreciated the attention and replied that the system is mainly evented utilizing material by Yanfly, Gav and others. He was not aware of the combat mechanics of d20 or THAC0 that DerVVulman mentioned, but was keen to knowing how they worked.

Material Development
  Scripts Database
Once more did DerVVulfman update the Super Simple Vehicle System - Enhanced, this time to take care of some problems if the player ever ventured into a Vehicle Headquarters and sought to exit. At the same time, he added to the script's instructions a list of script calls that have been available for some time.

Kyonides returned to take care of a minor bug within his KRandomTeleport script.

How would you like to create a skill to really annoy the heroes of your party? If so, then you may wish to give UnEkuipSkill XP by kyonides a try. With it, you can create a skill in RPGMaker XP that disarms a hero or removes their protective shields at the whim of the enemy.

Originally a request, kyonides has now gifted us with KPockets Daphne, a limited inventory script for RPGMaker VXAce. He returned hrice after, first handling functions after the player pressed the OK butotn, second to take care of numerous bugs and improvements, and third to include a clipboard feature or documents.

Creativity Section
  Music and Audio
Once more into the forum did Eric Matyas appear as he Shares his Original Music and Sound FX, delivering two more tracks. And along with that, Eric mentioned that he plans to have thematic music packs, so one's own work doesn't appear to have a mere collective of unrelated pieces.

  Art and Design
If you go down the halls of Save-Point and venture into Someones corner, you may find some pixelart of Ursula from Breath of Fire IV. DerVVulfman noted that she appeared more behaved than normal.

A number of portraits entered Remi-chan's Neato Arty thread thing! But with each, Remi-Chan also included speed draws. Watch as she shows her skills as she creates heroes and demonesses in fast paced videos replete with a music score.

  Literature Section
A poet is Mike_Everley, now gifting us a tale of an art lover At The South Bank, one who is lost at the Thames.

And one may wonder why a photo of Mike_Everley appears in our literature section entitled When the Iron Throne came back to Wales.

Well, that's it for this week.

"From now on, ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put." – Winston Churchill (1874-1965)


Full activation of an account requires a proper, non-spam introductory post within our 'Occasions' board. Spam posts to gain entry are deleted and revoked. Please refer to the 'Rules' regarding Member Account Responsibilities.


If you are the creator of a thread in Save-Point, you have the option of sending/writing your own entry into the Gazette.  The Gazette accepts write-in announcements (which will be doublechecked).  Likewise, the Gazette would welcome other content such as a comic-strip series, ongoing story arc, or the like.  

Just PM DerVVulfman with the submissions. Submissions must be in by 10pm EST.
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
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