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'Tis I, Remi-chan, or Bizarre Monkey if that name is too new.

Found this place while trying to find archived evidence triple R existed once upon a time and found this place which... I can only assume given the age of some of the posts here, is about as much of a vintage if not older than that was!

I'm surprised anything survived the iEntry deathwave beyond HBgames, and survived is a strong word for them, if we're being real! (though i still love them and post there regularly!)

A little about me, some people may have stories about me, some may be true, but a lot probably aren't, or a twisted fabrication of the truth, feel free to ask me though, i wear my failures as badges of growth, so It's not like I'm ashamed of anything I did in the past. Young dumb inexperienced me brand new to the online world handled pretty well all things considered!

I make epic-scale games with a focus on character development and new-form gameplay and give them out for free, and I do art a fair bit these days and have become mildly competent at it! I'd show them in this thread but I'm not sure my account is allowed or if that is cool with the rules but if it is feel free to tell me and I'll make a response post with some stuff or post it in an art thread or whatever you may have for such things!

Looking forward to seeing where this path leads! What a truly interesting find.

If you do end up googling my name to see said stories, assuming they ever reached search engines, do know that any accounts of plagiarism are entirely false and I can prove them so with ease.

That was a fabrication made pretty much up on the spot to try and make me look bad, and while I did do something not great (in 2012) the fact they resorted to labeling it as plagiarism when it was nowhere near that definition... should say enough that they couldn't justify demonizing me on what grounds they already had.

If you need proof of innocence, I have it in spades. Would not be the first time I've had to shed light on rpgmakerweb's lies and it probably won't be the last either.

Edit: Ah, cool. I got approved! Postin' time~!
Hi! Thanks for the in-depth intro! Welcome to our humble corner of the internet. Looking forward to seeing what you can do!
(02-09-2021, 02:58 PM)MetalRenard Wrote: Hi! Thanks for the in-depth intro! Welcome to our humble corner of the internet. Looking forward to seeing what you can do!

Ever fearless, I've already posted two threads in the apropos locations depicting a measure of my potential, if you will!

I figure in regards to intros, it's best to be as much like me as possible, so people don't go all making assumptions of my person that aren't really true or something!

I am enervated to know that some relics of the olden days survived, not to say I would look back on said days fondly, but to disregard the past in lieu of the present, though commonplace as it is- is to discard all the steps of the journey that leads one here... or something to that effect. :0

Besides, it'd be disingenuous of me to say some of the names here weren't entirely what gave me the motivation to make an account and see what has happened to this timeless corner of antiquity and it's still present veterans, even if it's possible i may never speak to them directly.

I doubt you fellas have had an easy time of the new ages that began after iEntry's patented "fuck you rpgmaker is bad in our opinion so say goodbye to all of what you've spent the last eight or so years building":tm: bullcrap.

Even if the iEntry calamity register didn't effect you, the safe haven's draw of rpgmakerwebs effected everyone to a degree that was mutually harmful. It essentially caused an irreparable chasm between the people who thought and still misguidedly believe they run the rpgmaker scene, and the more humble abodes like this one whom are now at a loss in regards to the iEntry incident.

I tend to lean towards places like this that feel more like a community and less like a corporate hotel with no shower curtains and angry cameras everywhere.
*HOWUUUU!!!!!*   (Translation from Lycan:  Greetings and Felicitations, Milady).

Ah, someone who remembers the yesteryear era of RMXP.Org and RRRevolutions and the issues related to its later host known as iEntry.  Yikes, what a mistake that was.  When they announced new terms of service that stated that all posted content was theirs, many said 'Buh bye' and took their works down.

Confused I wonder if we have content discussing that?

When I first saw the number of posts, my first reaction was  Dizzy  Oh, shoot we got spammer flood!   Glad to see that it is something otherwise.  And yeah, the Intro post is an effective means to prevent 'bots' from doing harm.  Gotta post there just for full activation.

As to plagiarism... we have had issues with some ourselves. Typically, we do 'investigations' prior to actions.  What sucks is that one was someone whom a lotta people liked to chat with in our IRC channel about 10 years ago.  She was plagiarizing her own sister who contacted us.  However, another that was caught plagiarizing back in Creation Asylum broke away from doing so and became an honest scripter, crafting a few mathematical graphic scripts that was actually quite excellent.

I hope you find us an entertaining source and site to visit, and one in which to share resources.
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Let me demonize your nickname out of fun! Grinning

OK, that's not really my plan here. Happy with a sweat

Gladly, I totally ignore the iEntry event, even if I've been in RPG communities since 2008. Shocked
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