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Heya, you probably don't know me. I've been into RMXP for nearly like 7 years at this point but never really did anything with it. It sort of feels like a game itself at this point, and I doubt that's gonna change anytime soon. I don't have any notable upcoming projects, and I'm honestly here just because I really need to get in touch with a man named MGC, if he's even around anymore. Being inactive on the internet is a very scary thing, I feel.

Since I dunno if I'll be active at all, but I'll be lurking a lot though. I wanted to thank the talented scripters in this community for their services and knowledge on RGSS and provide people at least some new ways to play around with the engines, at the very least.
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I am sorry. It has been a while since MGC has been around,. And last I heard, he had made a Mode7 system for RPGMaker VXAce and that was it. Or at least, that was what I was told. However, he did leave a parting gift.

While his Mode7 system required no external DLL file, his NeoMode7, HMode7 and FPLE scripts use custom DLL files, and he supplied us with links to the DLL's source code. So if you are curious about the DLL files, the code for each DLL is in its personal topic.

OH, you can now change your account settings as it is clearly 10 minutes past your first post (a little anti-Spammer feature) Winking
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