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 Animated Tileset
Animated Tileset

It allows of the whole tileset make animate






In the script

Content Hidden



Sorry if I make any errors in the post,
I'm italian.Cheery
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it says a .dll is missing, could you fix that?
[Image: 76561198077561206.png]
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There is no missing dll. But there is a missing 'begin' statement withing the filetest module.

Use this and it will work:
module FileTest
  def self.tileset?(string)
      return true
      return false
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Alright, it works^^
I like it, actually you can simulate storms or winds with this. great script!
[Image: 76561198077561206.png]
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thanks, however it is strange that want us the begin because if you see in the demo the script you/he/she has put as I have posted him and it works.
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Actually, the demo did not work for me until I added the 'begin' statement. It goes 'begin... return.... end' . The begin statement is the start of a code block just like the if statement (if... end / begin... end).
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