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 Non-standard skill features based on events.
This tutorial made by me for my RPG Maker forum and translated from the Russian language. If you find some mistakes on this text... sorry.

Warning: these lessons require average knowledge of the RPG Maker event-systems including the proper use of variables and common events. Therefore, without some knowledge of them you will doesn't understand few things, so training out first with their management before reading this.

So, here I'm decided to collect non-standard types of skills features, made on the basis of event-systems that I have collected over months of practice to work with them. In particular, here you can ask about how doing some event-based skills. Unfortunately, some features (or rather inabilities) of RPG Maker will make the process time consuming and sometimes quite difficult to use.

I'm used to create event-standard systems a RPG Maker XP, but that doesn't mean that you cannot use it at a later VX, and probably at an earlier RM2k and RM2k3. Therefore, these tutorials can be called a multiple.

P.S. These event-systems can be applied to many CBS (DBS, ATB, CTB, TBS), but there is no certainty about their work in the ABS-systems. If some of this works - then consider yourself a lucky man.


1.1. Combination of attacks/skills.
1.2. Skill with a random damage.
1.3. "Pandora's Box", or skill call a random skills.
1.4. Scan skill.

Let's start.

1.1. Combination of attacks/skills.

Let's start with the easiest in my opinion tutorial - a skill that causes combinational attack, or a combination of skills on the enemy. This scheme is fairly easy to use and requires no special skills. For it, we need a one skill in database, and one common event.

1) So, create a normal skill. Mandatory conditions: Scope: One Enemy (this is required in any case, even if you plan to bring a skill set to the opponents), Occasion: Only in Battle. In the selection of common skill events, select the ID of the event that we are going to buckle to this skill. Any special effects or damage to this skill is not necessary, but it is not forbidden - this skill is used solely to check the enemy, which will be applied to your combinational attack. Save it.

2) Now go to the panel of common events and choose a common that you're choose for skill. Now we will create in him a simple system. Initially, call the Force Action. For a simple combination of attack, select it:

Battler: Actor ID No. (ID is chosen according to the character of its location in the party)
Action: Attack
Action Target: Last Target
Timing: Execute Now

Save it.

The result - we got the first link of a chain of attacks. The following links do the same way, and you're may dispose of them as you like - the number of attacks is limited by only your own imagination.

Same thing with the skills. Here, you just need to replace the Force Action - Action: Attack on Action: Skill and choose skill that you're need for add to combination chain. Combining skills with regular attacks is not forbidden.

Isn't forbidden too to use the skills beating the whole group of enemies - for this you need only skills that has All Enemies on Scope. In addition, the use of this skills on the chain can be limitless.

If you plan to add into the combination a treatment skill for allies and yourself - it is also quite real. You simply need to add a skill, which has One Ally on Scope (in this case character will cast a skill on himself... most likely), All Allies or User - and this combination is also worked.

Skill is served for you!

1.2. Skill with a random damage.

So, we now create a new skill - this time with a random damage effect. Note - this skill will never missed, so advance look at this.

But at first the bad news. This skill will not work on chosen enemy. Why? In the standard RPG Maker events (At least, XP) there is no such function as a check enemy position. That is, it cannot be put in the variable and use as an additive in the system. What a pity of course. Admittedly this doesn't negate the fact that this skill can be used against one opponent, but choose it will not succeed. So it goes.

So, we want to create a skill that will inflict damage to enemies randomly. For this, we also need one skill and one common event.

1) Create a skill, enter the name of this, the animations. Ocassion: Only on Battle, and choose our common event. In Scope, you can add anything you want - it wouldn't be fundamentally irrelevant. Save it.

2) So, now the common event. At first, we create a simple random variable:

Control Variables:
Variable: Single: The Variable ID.
Operation: Set
Operand: Random

The numbers we're put in random variable minimum and maximum value is applied as min. and max. damage to that skill. Save the result.

3) Now, if we want to inflict damage on one enemy skill, we need to create branch. Create it and open the third page. Choose:

Enemy (Enemy): 1. is: Appeared (appears).
Don't remove tick "set handling".

Now we create inside a branch a event Deal Damage.

Select the:
Target - Enemy: 1.
Operand - Variable: ID of your random variable.

Save it.

Now we have a skill that will inflict random damage to first enemy, but it's not the end.

4) Create branch inside that branch, this time with Enemy: 2. is Appeared, do not remove a tick again. Again create a Deal Damage and repeat the action what did before, except for the Enemy: 2 on Target.

These steps you need to repeat, unless you create last branch with Enemy: 8. is Appeared. where you remove the tick. If you plan to make fewer enemies in group, you do numbers of branches to the maximum number of your enemies.

This is need to ensure that skill isn't lost in vain, if the enemies from first positions had already been destroyed - a skill attack an opponents on a strict row, from first to last.

Since the attack on a group of things are much easier. You do not need to create a branches, just choose in Deal Damage - Entire Troop instead of Enemy - and behold, your skill is ready.

So, we're done. Save your efforts and move on.

1.3. "Pandora's Box", or call a random skill.

So, in two previous tutorials we have examined the use of Force Action and random variables in skills. Now we combine the skills we have obtained, and create a skill that I call "Pandora's Box." However, you can call it as you please, copyrights, certainly not saved. This skill has the ability to cause to the enemies a random skill, which will be chosen from the collection. For this we need: a set of skills that we employ in our "box", one skill and one common event.

1) Create a skill that we previously used for combination attacks (Scope: One Enemy, Occasion: Only in Battle, and choose common event). Save it.

2) Now create in the prepared common event a random variable. In the minimum we put 1, in the maximum - number of skills that will be involved in a "box". Save it.

3) Now create a branch. Choose a branch on the first page:
Variable - ID of random variable that we're ordered last time.
Equal To = 1.

Do not remove the tick "set handling".
Create, save.

4) Inside branch create a Force Action event, and set the same values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we have done in combination attacks:

Battler: Actor ID No. (ID is chosen according to the character of its location in the party)
Action: Skill - ID of our first skill in the box.
Action Target: Last Target
Timing: Execute Now

5) Create a new branch inside the previous one. Repeat step 3 with a change in Equal To = 2.

6) Repeat step 4 with another skill in Force Action.

7) Repeat steps 5-6 with other numbers in the Equal To in order and other skills in the Force Action up to the last recorded number in the random variable. Remove a tick, save the work.

8) Check the skill.

9) ??????


1.4. Scan Skill.

As many of you remember, in the conventional DBS isn't possible to look at the HP and SP of the enemy in battle. We are going to fix this impossibility by creating the usual skill, which will show us the stats of the enemy. For this we need a few variables (The number depends on how much digital information you plan to print on the screen. I'm personally take four for this tutorial: HP, SP, MaxHP, MaxSP), one skill, and one common event.

1) Create a skill. Scope will have no value here, so decide for yourself. Occasion: Only in Battle. The effects of the name, the SP cost - at your discretion. Add our future common to it. Save the work.

2) Now open the common event. Create a branch.

Select: Enemy (Enemy): 1. is: Appeared. Don't remove "Set handling" tick.

3) Now create a variable inside a branch. I point you to the action on four variables.

Control Variables:
Variable - Single - ID of the first variable:
Operation - Set:
Operand - Enemy. 1 - HP.

Control Variables:
Variable - Single - ID of the second variable:
Operation - Set:
Operand - Enemy. 1 - MaxHP.

Control Variables: Variable - Single - ID of the third variable:
Operation - Set:
Operand - Enemy. 1 - SP.

Control Variables: Variable - Single - ID of the fourth variable:
Operation - Set:
Operand - Enemy. 1 - MaxSP.

4) Now create a message. Execute it as you wish. I personally have done that design so for example:

Enemy #1:
Current HP: \V[ID of the first variable]/\V[ID of the second variable]
Current SP: \V[ID of the third variable]/\V[ID of the fourth variable]

5) Now create a new branch outside (!) previous.
Select: Enemy (Enemy): 2. is: Appeared (appears).
Don't remove "Set handling".

Copy the actions as in the of #3-4 steps, only replacing on the Control Variables Enemy 1. at Enemy 2. and in the message box - #1 to #2.

6) Repeat step 5, replacing the numbers like 3-8. If you have less than eight enemies in a group, make it up to a maximum quantity. Save it. Check for the workability of skill.

Work is done. We have a skill that will display the current value and maximal HP and SP of all our enemies, one after the other. To add stats inside a message, you must create a few more variables, working on the same principle - you need to select the Control Variables - Enemy - STR, DEX, AGI... and so on.

By the way, here you can add your interesting features of creating skills. This theme was created for the exchange of experiences, especially with professionals in the eventing field. Thank you for your attention.
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