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If you like poetry.... Some of my old stuff
A Soldier’s Cry

A draft is what this is?
Summoning you to paradise
Smoke rises from the pallid earth
Showing the lucrative lives gone dry
They scatter and take out a handful of life lessons
To spray the slugs to the ground
Needed, the encouragement to go on and come home
The strength to leave a crimson field
To survive other poisoned mentalities

Home is where you want to be
Your personal asylum
Where the little lines run free
Echoing you’re given
Ecstatic that you’ve returned
With gifts of what they’ve dreamed
Without you even knowing
You’re the gift it seemed

A calling comes towards sanctuary
Leading to heaven
Leaving loves at last
Lost in the wounded meadow
Trapped without a cause
With the terror of the thought
Souls whisper to you
As the instrument rattles
Playing a mollifying song

Depart with us
Join the breathless
This land doesn’t need you
But we, the spirits, do
See this disaster from another view
Don’t participate in the laughter
Leave this suicidal garden of absent hope
Come where the vision of your angels are clear

This is a soldier’s cry
For leaving a flower with a crippled stem
And leaving little golden pellets with early reality
Now this vacant spot at home is taken
By not another lover, but another son
Unknown to the fallen

Insane Cold Blooded Killer

I love to see the blood spill
Kill to rip out hearts
Maybe from a drill
Or poisonous darts
I laugh at you run
While I chase with a knife
Oh! This seems fun
I’m going to end your life
Wait! Wait! Don’t go
I’ve just begun
Don’t worry, I’m a pro
Except I don’t use guns
I’m the type that loves to torture
I’m not ending you quick
Just sit down in this chamber
The air will get thick
Then you’ll start to suffocate
But I’m still not done
I want to see your face
Maybe open the door once
When you’re just about to die
I’ll let you come out
But no… Don’t try
I’ll only fling you about
You’ll wait for me to tell you to go
You’ll also be mentally scarred
And just before you know
I’ll be waiting in a car
No, no. I’m not going to do it again
I’m not really that predictable
I’m going to kill you instead
Your death will be beautiful
But remember, I don’t kill fast
I’ll take off your clothes
I’ll spill hot wax
All over your throat
I hope it doesn’t burn
At least not too much
I want you to learn
That I’m not to be touched
Now, don’t we all know
That I lost my sanity
A long time ago
If not, it’s a tragedy
Now you have to suffer the pain
First I’ll chop off your legs
Don’t die! Don’t die yet! Am I getting to your brain?
Don’t worry, I won’t chop off your head
Can you feel it?
Can you feel my rage?
My book! I have to move it
Don’t want any blood on that page
Ooh! Look at all the blood
Looks like a waterfall
The other half of your body is going in mud
Hah! Your legs are cut off, so you can’t even haul…
Ass? Forget about it
Next is your arms
Look at your face, your crying! Where are your wits?
Where’s my satchel charge?
I’m going to end you with a blast
Maybe a C4 will be better on your back
Nah, maybe this death should last
Huh? What was that?
You want me to make it quick?
That comment made me laugh
I want you to suffer
I want you to feel my anger
Explosion galore!
Blast off! Like a rocket
Your ribs? Oh they’re torn
Pulled out the sockets
I don’t know how you’re still living
You’re putting up a fight
Stop crying, I have an idea!
Come on, let’s take flight!
Wear this parachute
Oh , wait! You can’t
I’ll wear it for you
We’re jumping, don’t panic
Seems you need a push
I’ll give you a hand
There’s the ground, don’t look
Be careful how you land
Ha ha ha! Your expression is priceless!
Can you get up now?
It seems like your lifeless

The rest are .docx <_< I don't have office on this computer. Well, I guess I'll post more later.
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