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 Passability Mini Map
Passability Mini Map
by Selwyn

Selwyn @ RMXP.Org Tue May 30, 2006 Wrote:Finally, the first script I got the time to update.

This script draws a minimap showing the passable map tiles in one of the screen's corner.

The Script

In your game's Graphics\Pictures folder

Now, you need to set up a few things :
A switch of your choice will determine if the minimap is visible or not. To set what switch will be used, search in the script for 'ACTIVATED_ID = 1'
replace the '1' by the switch ID of your choice.

The minimap can be displayed in any of the four corners. to change the corner it's displayed in, search for '@corner = 4'
and read the intructions above.

You can various things on the minimap, like NPCs, Enemies, Chests...
to do that, go in the event you want to display on the MM and put a comment in it.
write one of the following inside the comment according to what the event should be displayed as.
- npc
- enemy
- event
- teleport
- chest
- savepoint

Give Credit, Enjoy!
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