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 How to turn your RMXP/RMVX project into a single installable EXE.
During the process of making Fallen Shadows I started to wonder how I could turn my game into a single installable EXE.

Most other games use this function, so why not Rpg-Maker games?

This will work for both your Rpg Maker XP and Rpg Maker VX games.

I use a program called INNO Setup, that does all the work for you.

Step 1 - Download INNO Setup

Step 2 - Install the software

Step 3 - Compress/Encrypt your game

Step 4 - Run INNO setup compiler

Step 5 - Open a new project, usng the express wizard.

Step 6 - Type in the information for your project into the correct boxes.

Step 7 - Okay, once you enter that information, the wizard asks you to pick the main exectuable file. For this, use Game.exe file in your projects folder.

Step 8 - Directly below this, click the "Add Folder" option, and include the entire folder for your project.

Step 9 - The program also adds the option to open a text document up before and after installing. I use this to show information on the game, how to run it, how to play it, and after I show credits on who helped.

Step 10 - Now you can pick a custom folder and or the main installations file name, and also a custom Icon for your game. This must be a *.ICO, and be 32x32 pixels.

Step 11 - Run the compiler, and you have your game, all wrapped up into one nice and compact exectuable!

Links -
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Does this require the player to have the RTP in order to launch the game?
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probably so, what it's doing is creating sort of a virtual directory where it's accessing files inside the block, so everything needs to be there to zip up... Nice tool!
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