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 Short Story Game Competition I
Short Story Game Competition I
  • This competition is a game making competition focused on story telling. The rules are simple, create a 5 - 20 minute game that tells a short story. This time limit in only a suggestion, though over 30 minutes would be absurd.

    Scores can be affected by (but are not determined based on) the following:
    • Mood, Atmosphere you set.
    • Spelling
    • Story
    • Originality and creativity
    • How well you meet the guidelines
    • Special Effects

    Sounds Simple Enough?

    • Any Game Maker is Allowed

    • Timeline
      You will have a month from when the competition begins. After that month, I will post your games on this thread for people to play. There will be a week of judging. After that week, the results will be posted.

    • Results
      After a round is over, I will post the results on who got 1st, 2nd, 3rd, et al. Results will be one a scale from 1 to 100, with 100 being the best and 1 being the absolute worst.
      -You cannot use anything from a released project.


      Other Information
      • Thank you Zeriab, you're my inspiration for this competition too!
      • I will clarify any questions or concerns anyone has!
      • You may use custom graphics and scripts as long as credit is given!
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Create a short story that expresses or involves death in any way shape or form. The story has to be focused on death. Remember that you are trying to tell a story here, so no enemy encounters. On screen puzzles are acceptable, but remember the game is story based.
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I'm in. I love story based games. Is a horror game allowed?
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I am in as well. 'spose its a good chance to show of some of my skills, if any at that. I'll don't think Ill use my own custom graphics for this as they are not completed yet.
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Valdred Wrote:I'm in. I love story based games. Is a horror game allowed?

Any game is allowed as long as the story revolves around death. Death cannot be a side note here, it needs to be part of the story overall. Also, this does not include the main character dying in a sense of a game over.
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Well... this certainly caught my attention. I'll see if I can come up with something, although I've learned I shouldn't promise I'll do it because I almost always seem to get distracted. :P
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This certainly sounds interesting.
I'd love to join but I don't know if I'll be able to since the next weeks are going to be verry busy... I'll try though.
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Your new avatar is awesome panther XD
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Hehe thanks, Valdred. :3
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Oooooo.....maybe I'll try this too. I have a question though (and it is stupid, I know) does one actually um....make a story-based game? I mean, obviously there are characters and maps and storyline it all just dialogue/cut scenes? Or does the player have a part??
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