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 How do you build your game?
I've been working on a title for the past few weeks in RMXP, but I'm not sure how to go about continuing the work. I've got most of the basics written (i.e. names, locations, brief history, and opening sequence). I'm at a loss after that though. It's like I get lazy, and don't even want to keep going. Should I enlist more members to spark some help?

It just really seems like an overwhelming task since I'm by myself. Anyone else ever feel like this?
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Well, basically you have to connect all of what you did. You should IMO have a beginning and an ending, develop your story from those :)
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It's ccoa's tutorial, and it covers almost all aspect of RPG Making. Pity it's not finished yet. T.T
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Pay some writer some quick dosh, or bribe them. I can't really talk though, haven't attempted to crack down and create a project.
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I have an idea of how to end it, but I want it to flow from the story. I've decided to write in chapters, so it's a little less daunting to craft the story. Still, it's hard to sit down and really write, especially with so many distractions on the net, and around me. How does anyone do it?
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