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 Animated Battlers - VX
Animated Battlers - VX
Version: 3.7

This system allows you to convert your default battlesystem into a sideview battlesystem using actual 'battlers' rather than charset graphics.

Okay... you know the drill. If I posted all the features I'm including here, we'd be here all week.

AnimBat VX!

Sprite System
Battle System

This script goes above Main... generally speaking.
If using any custom battlesystem or custom battle add-on, it should go below these scripts... just to be safe.

As far as the configuration system, the features are listed in the following manual (in .chm help format) now available for download.
>Help File<

Pre-Rendered Configs
The demo and the scripts above show how to generate a system that uses multiple types of spritesheets and RTP battlers. Below are two configuration files you may wish to use in it's place.
Minkoff Configuration ... the typical Minkoff system without any extra.
Cybersam Configuration ... a configuration system for Cybersam's 7-pose system
RMXP Charset Configuration ... a configuration system that can use 4 Frame / 4-Pose Charactersets

RPGMaker VX only.

Credits and Thanks
First thanks to eugene222 of Creation Asylum and Cain La Croix of RPG RPG Revolution for noting a 'save' bug related to the Spriteset_Battle section of code. Also to zhein04 (from RPG Revolution) for noting a 'default collapse' bug. And thanks to Daray of RPG Revolution for noting how the battle animations only performed at battler 'start' positions rather than their 'current' position (if performing a moving attack). For the rest of the list, just reference Animated Battlers - Enhanced. It'll be the same when I'm done.

Author's Notes
REQUIRES: Actor Battler Graphics

Terms and Conditions
Free for use, but credit me and anyone involved in this system.
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Bump to
Version 2.7

Added a feature for random melee poses. This means you can create a spritesheet that has more than one physical attack pose (punch, kick, jab), and let it perform a pose at random.

Also, the offset system has been altered so it works a bit smoother.

Finally, the actual 'Configuration' page of Animated Battlers VX now works with the RMXP version. Only slight differences between the two systems exist. RMXP's Screentone and AT systems for two.
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Bump to
version 2.8

I retooled the offset system which controls how battlers overlap one another when they attack. Now it takes the battler's width into consideration, not just some configuration values. I redid the offset configuration values, mind you. It's pretty much complete by now.
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Bumped to
Version 3.2

Added a couple features including new options for the Rushing pose. You can change your rush/charging pose based on Skills, items or the weapon used.

And... added the ever requested JUMPING feature.
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Dervvulfman, fileden says the demo doesn't exist :(
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FileDen was redesigning itself. A new server layout. Try it again. Winking
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Yey it worked~ Thank you!
*btw, belated Happy Birthday*
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Hi, im using your battle system for VX and i got some questions..
1.- Is it possible to use the animated backgrounds from default battle system instead of just pictures?? if then, how?
2.- Is there a RTAB script compatible with this?
3.- Why do monsters and battlers do that annoying animation before every melee attack? i dont seem to understand how cast animations are set in VX .. How i can configure that??
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1) Do you mean the 'Battlefloors?' Sure. Just remove the Battlebacks script in the demo. The demo holds other various scripts, not just the AnimBat system.

2) There are some systems that have a full or partial AT system akin to RTAB out there. I cannot guarantee its compatibility with them. One already has a form of sideview system so not that one, while another rewrote the entire battlesystem so that one isn't likely either.

3) Annoying Animation? As in the 'Battle Animation' apart from the melee attack pose? You can remove that by not specifying a battle animation in your weapon(s). As to casting Animations, not every feature in the configuration page applies to the VX version of this system. Some features only apply to the RMXP system because there are RMXP scripts they are designed to work with.
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to Version 3.3

Added a new 'dodge' feature so characters can dodge a strike. Thanks for this goes to Jaberwocky for pointing out where it would go in the system.
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