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 [Early] Diadem (Prototype Title), Mecha-based Tactics RPG
Hey, guys! Sparx-1 here. Just in case you were wondering, no, I haven't abandonned my Max Dynamo project, so chill out...

Anyway, to begin, this new game stems from an idea I came up with for a Tactical RPG called involving gundam-like mechs (which will have original graphics and look more sleek and humanoid than the Knight Blade ones). I haven't completely decided on many aspects of the story yet, but what I have so far is as follows...

The Story So Far...

As mentioned in the topic title, I haven't decided on the title yet, but "Diadem" is the first one I came up with, so that's how I'm referring to it for now.

A list of possible titles:
  • Diadem
  • Battle Engine Alsavior
  • Genesis Trailblazer Alsavior
Look here!

So far, the only characters I have come up with are...
* Age: 17
* Appearance: Spiky blonde hair, brown skin, a red jacket with a long train at the back. The jacket only covers his chest, and he wears a tight black shirt under it. He has two belts, one fastened normally around his pants, the other asymetrically around his waist.
* Mech: Custom-modified "Alsavior" class. (Haven't come up with specifications, just the name.)
* Talents/Hobbies: He is very adept with machines, especially for his age. He enjoys the game of Powerball, a popular sport in the united galaxy.
* Occupation: Assistant to the princess of Neo Primus.
* Home Planet: Neo Primus
* Backstory: Born on the planet of Desola, Tierras was raised by Solida after she found him abandonned in a desert shrine. He has similar values to Solida, but is somewhat prone to recklessness, like most teenagers.
* Current story: The main character of the game, Tierras is the active force of the new Peacekeeping Campaign, doing most of the fighting against the military.

Princess Solida
* Age: 32
* Appearance: Blue eyes, long, wavy blonde hair, smooth brown skin, an elegant style of dress very well befitting royalty.
* Mech: Custom-modified "Stargazer" class. (Haven't come up with specifications, just the name.)
* Talents/Hobbies: She is a great pilot, and devotes most of her time to working toward galactic peace.
* Occupation: Princess of Neo Primus.
* Home Planet: Neo Primus
* Social Class: Royalty
* Backstory: Born on the planet of Neo Primus, Princess Solida has always had great compassion for others. She believes that if mankind would just stop and think about what's best for themselves, they could set aside their differences and live in peace.
* Current story: She leads the group that once helped her in her original peace campaign in putting a stop to the evil plans of Toras and destroying DIADEM.

* Age: *Undecided*
* Appearance: Red eyes, spiky reddish-brown hair, dark skin and a strong facial structure. He is tall and muscular, and a very intimidating figure. His attire includes a brown and gold highly stylized trench coat.
* Mech: *Undecided*
* Talents/Hobbies:
* Occupation: Warlord of Neo Primus.
* Home Planet: Geos
* Backstory: Little is known about Toras' childhood other than the fact that he was born and raised on the mountanous planet Geos. He has a strong, unshakable will and nearly animalistic determination.
* Current story: Currently the new leader of Neo Primus due to the martial law, he and the military are searching for DIADEM, a machine which they believe will help them dominate the galaxy.

I'll add more later...
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