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 back in the game...
DerVVulfman Wrote:I have a revised version of the GPlat Demo.  Recognize that name?  I bet you do!  I had fun doing a little bit of an edit of that one

A little bit of fun goes a long way with me! How cool, Gplat was the stepping stone for 8Xplat ~ it's XAS with 8-way (diagonal) projectile and Gplat2 that had gravity worked out for enemies/events. I think the last I left off was working on the moving platforms and ladders that I never got around to. I'll put something together for you, I'm certain you will have more fun with it and feel free to revise at your pleasure. I love the idea of a platformer-rpg, I've always wanted to make a Blaster Master with RMXP when I was just starting out. I would ask around and got shot down by a few brainiacs at other sites telling me that you can't do platformers with RMXP.
So it became my passion piece towards proving those without a dream that dreams can come true ^^

DerVVulfman Wrote:Insofar as faster engines, oh, there are some things in the works if you know the name Ancurio.  I just wished someone was using C++ to make a clone of the EDITOR.  If you know someone who can make an Editor tha works with RPGMaker series maps, send a line.
I'll put the feelers out 8)

MetalRenard Wrote:Rock on Fox! Good stuff with discord

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