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Hello! - AveyondFan - 07-03-2021

Hello, I'm a new user who uses RPG Maker XP.

RE: Hello! - DerVVulfman - 07-03-2021

Hello, I've been a friend of Amaranth since she was Lambchop at RMXP.Org in 2006.

So, any games you're working on? Nosy werewolves wanna know.

RE: Hello! - AveyondFan - 07-03-2021

I'd be working on my game if a script wasn't throwing a fit.

In terms of scripts, I am illiterate. If it's anything more than a misplaced or missing comma, I cannot help you. Even then I might not be able to help you. I apologize.

RE: Hello! - DerVVulfman - 07-03-2021

For help with a script, if not a bug and not a script posted here by one of the members, we have the code support board.