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Chara Maker XP - Guest - 02-11-2010

Hello again. This is your local Silne30 speaking. I have a tool that I used to make several Chars in my game and thought i would share it with the world. It's very user friendly and all you have to do is click export when you are done customizing your charset and you are good to go. Let me know what you guys think.

Chara Maker XP

Edit: Very sorry folks. Here is a screenshot.

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Chara Maker XP - tomatoshadow - 02-18-2010

This is actually even more useful than I hoped it would be! I'm definitely going to use it!


Chara Maker XP - Kains Legacy - 03-03-2010

This is pure genius!!! It's so easy to yous, and easy to edit the images to.
Cheery Thanks!!! Cheery

Chara Maker XP - rm-rf - 03-03-2010

Downloaded it and tried it out, pretty simple to use and edit, thats a bonus
Very useful for many game creator ;) nice work dude

Chara Maker XP - kyonides - 03-03-2010

I thought some of this character creators had a weird bug that didn't clear the image before beginning configuring a whole new character file... It is solved? Does it have any other bug? Or it runs smoothly now?

Chara Maker XP - sakhawat21 - 05-27-2010

Cool! But the help file is not in English. Anayway, Thanx!