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KRespawnPoint - kyonides - 12-26-2012


XP & VX: 1.2.1 Others: 1.1.2

by Kyonides


This script lets you avoid ending the game with just another Game Over screen. It shows you 4 options to choose from like going back to a previously saved respawn point or visiting a healer NPC on some specific map (who may send you back to the previous map) or loading a saved game or if you feel terrible for your loss, you may still check out the same old final screen.

The built-in comments should help you learn how to properly use the script. Just keep in mind that the first Constant you may find is intended to configure the player's XY coordinates (just in case he ever visits a healer) not the healer's.

In All 3 versions you might also face the enemy in battle once more if using a Non-ARPG kind of battle system, meaning it can't be a Zelda like system or the Lycan ABS or other similar battle systems.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1846]


Nothing to say, yet.


Designed for RPG Maker XP, VX and VX Ace respectively.

Terms & Conditions

Free for use in any game.
Due credit is not optional but a must.
Do not adopt stray cats, blue squirrels in dire need of coffee or wandering zombies!
That's it!

RE: Kyonides's Respawn Point - Samven - 12-27-2012

I... am... liking this idea...!

I think I'll give it a whirl for my Ace project and see how it goes! :D

RE: KRespawnPoint - kyonides - 12-13-2016

Silently Waiting Here For Over Four Years To Get Another Bump!

That's true, guys! After four years of living in oblivion, I came back with a new version of KRespawnPoint XP. This version allows you to fight the enemy troopers once again if you're not using a Zelda like battle system or the Lycan ABS or anything similar. (Check the NONARPGBATTLE Constant to make sure it's set to true, nil only if you don't need the new feature at all.) Besides I had to make a few minor changes to the Game Over menu window. I hope any of you will end up liking my script.

RE: KRespawnPoint - ixfuru - 12-14-2016

This is a pretty cool script, kyonides. Does it give the option to respawn after death? For instance, can the player elect to return to title or shutdown? And can the loss of experience set your character back a level automatically, subsequently causing them to lose skills and such?

RE: KRespawnPoint - kyonides - 12-15-2016

Bumped Just Because The Thread Was Hoping For A Bump

1. Yes, you can, it was the main purpose I had in mind while crafting these scripts.
2. Not to Title but directly to the Load Menu or the Game Over scene followed by the shutdown.
3. I'm not sure if the heroes will lose skills while leveling down, I invite you to test it and let me know about that.
4. Yeah, you never asked about it, but heroes could go back to their previous battle with the same items and HP and SP or MP they had at the beginning of the first fight. The battle system gotta be non ARPG style, so no Zelda like, No Lycan ABS, etc.

RE: KRespawnPoint - kyonides - 08-24-2020

Some UneXPerienced Aluxes
Makes His Comeback!

After ANOTHER 4 YEARS I came back to update the XP script and upload a brand new Demo for RMXP only.
I think the previous script was, err, kind of buggy or depended on a few extra methods I've never included in the script. Anyway that's not an issue anymore! Shocked

By the way, I also converted some Constants into some @instance variables to let you change those settings in game as well! Grinning

RE: KRespawnPoint - kyonides - 05-24-2023

Another 3 Years to Make Another Update!

This time I focused on the RMXP script once again. I transformed a few other Constants into KRP Module variables that can be modified at will in game. Then I created new Game System's Return variables to let you go back to the previous map even if it is not a respawn point. This might be specially useful after visiting the healer. Winking

Now there are a couple of extra script calls that you might want to learn about by simply Book reading the comments I have embedded in my script.

By the way, the demo's intro have been updated to mimic the ones found in my latest script demos. Grinning

Thinking And who is that blue haired girl anyway?