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 Windows 10
Windows 10 and I have had a love-hate relationship lately.

*They keep updating things when it's not the "Off time" I set
*The updates they keep making add more background processes that slow things down just a little bit more
*When I finally get everything working, they update, then I have to set my settings again, and find the new settings they added
*My games tend to start going slow after every update completes, which isn't good for someone who plays games for Youtube
*Emulators sometimes reset their settings after a Windows update, which makes no sense on why they would do that. Windows 7/8/8.1 never did that to me
*They keep downloading things that aren't even updates, and I don't know what it's doing. It can take up all of my internet for 8 hours overnight, it'll still be going in the morning, doing... NOTHING.

When things settle down, they start going a bit faster again. However, that's usually around the time when they try to update AGAIN!

I wish I could downgrade to Windows 7, there weren't as many background processes killing the computer with that Indifferent 
I have about 170 processes running right now, a majority of it related to Windows 10. 
170 processes?!  Sarcasm
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Since the latest update, almost everything seems to be taking up a ton of Disk, sometimes maxing it out to 100% for minutes on end, and I can't even do a thing.

Microsoft, WHAT DID YOU DO?!  Angry
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I don't know everything but Win10 runs smoothly for me. I think win10 kicks things out the registry when it updates. I believe that is what happened with my RPG Maker XP and the key. I did find the problem why it wouldn't let me save. My project was on my SD card and when I moved it to the desktop it worked. So I think it has something to do with Folder rights. Another problem I have is when I am playing Perfect World International, My mouse doesn't work right. I can't move my character and move mouse or camera at same time so I am using a wireless mouse for playing.

Right now I have 67 Window Processes and 49 Background processes.

But do keep in mind. I have a Mobile EliteBook with 16GB Ram, Corei7, and 2.70GHz. My Laptop is pretty beefy.
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Windows 10 and I have had our differences. It seems to ONLY like VXA on my machine. Beyond that, it seems unable to properly handle audio in Might and Magic IX. It has otherwise been the best behaved version of Windows I have had the misfortune of dealing with.
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