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 Mother: Kaizen Rises
Hi! I’m working on a new project titled Mother: Kaizen Rises. It is supposed to be a spinoff

of Mother 2. The story is that the 14 year old boy, Dalton, lives with
his brother, and his mother. His step father is always at work, but
calls constantly to keep in touch with his family. However, Dalton and
his older brother, Danny, think that he is their real father. Their real
father tragically died in a war of man against alien. His father was
fighting against the evil forces of the head of the aliens, Kaizen.
Kaizen, had the special ability to indirectly control others by the use
of special shards. Their father, who was brave enough to gather the
shards, made a mask to seal away Kaizen, and tragically died trying to
find a safe place to keep the mask. 14 years have passed, Dalton was
born, and Danny was 2. Danny finds a strange hole in a forest near their
home town and finds a strange mask. Dalton, being a curious boy, puts
on the mask. Their Father gave their Mother a strange device, for just
such an occasion. Dalton manages to take off the mask and shatters it in
the process. Doing so, Kaizen is freed from his masky grave, but
through the use of the strange device, the shards of the mask disappear.
Their mother proceeds to tell them the truth of what happened to their
father, and Dalton realizes his destiny. Dalton must find the missing
shards to put them back together before Kaizen finds them to destroy
them. Dalton meets many others on his quest to stop Kaizen once and for

Team: custardmario is graciously providing music for the project.

clusa:Providing a storyline to go with this game. I mean c’mon, I don’t want to make Hydlide.

PunchLab_Industries: Scripting! I’m way too excited about this guy helping out!

SuperSonic1879: OW Sprites, our game needs ‘em!

Me: Pretty much everything else…[Image: cry.png]

You if you’re interested in helping out with the project, PM me!
Check out the original post!

[Image: animbattleback.gif]
[Image: testing_the_gif.gif]
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I got some screenshots working here!
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I am curious how you did that battle background.
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I got the backgrounds working with Theolized scripts.
I found gifs of the battlebacks from previous Mother games, resized them using this website
Split all of the frames using a program I found, added the new backgrounds to the script, and got it working.
It's not as tedious as you'd think.
I'm not sure if a script like that exists for XP, but it probably does, I mean if people can make a Pokemon game engine out of it, then animated battlebacks shouldn't be impossible.
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Just the equivalent of an animated gif then. It IS possible to do it dynamically, just fyi. With different layers, transparency, and the wave effect.
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